A great thank you to all who participated in last Saturday’s Food Drive for Manna. Your generosity is impressive, and will help many people The next Food Drive will be Saturday, January 16 at the parking lot, 11-12 am. This one is for Luther Rice Baptist Church. The Rev. Alesiha Langhorne send her thanks in advance!
Happy New Year to all.
Covid fatigue is a real thing and we are all experiencing it at the start of this new year. But it is important that everyone continue to practice the protocol of wearing a mask in all public places, social distancing, and washing our hands. And if you can, please stay home. Realize that is isn't strangers who are transmitting the virus but family and friends if they are out and about. Both Montgomery and Prince Georges County have been hard hit with cases and deaths. For up-to-date info click here.

Thank you to all who have pledged for 2021!
It's not too late; go to our website, gsecmd.org, and fill out the online pledge form. Your pledge helps support the Operating Budget of Good Shepherd. Thank you again.

Telephone prayer meeting every Saturday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 

Good Shepherd will be holding a virtual annual meeting on Sunday February 21, 2021. If you are responsible for a committee or ministry please consider providing a brief report of activities for 2020. There will be an online version of the report for parishioner access. Reports will be due to assistant@gsecmd.org at the beginning of February.
Next Food Drive is Saturday January 16, 11-12 in the parking lot.

Feed the Globe - Big Globe misses its Sunday visitors. Even worse, Baby Globe (a gift from Carol Lewis) is making a big fuss because it is hungry. NOTE: If you can't make it to a food collection, you can mail a check to the church. Make the check out to Good Shepherd and write "Globe" on the memo line. The groups we support through the Globe still need our assistance. These groups are Shepherd's Table, Saint Luke Food Pantry, Center Global, and MUSST. Thank you  

New Blankets for Shepherd's Table - New blankets, not too large, please, are preferred. There are a number of stores where blankets do not cost an arm and a leg. Some of these offer "sales" and coupons. For suggestions, contact Lynn Wood or Debbie Beebe. Debbie is our coordinating link with Shepherd's Table. Please know that Shepherd's Table, MCCH, Bethesda Cares, and other such groups work tirelessly to move all their clients into warm, secure housing. None of them thinks that blankets to keep people warm who sleep outside is a permanent solution. Despite their best efforts, however, they still have clients who for their own reasons spend their nights outside. These folks are children of God. We as their brothers and sisters see in them the face of Jesus and respond as we are able. In the cold weather to come, blankets are essential.  

Shepherd's Table Wish List - A second way to respond to the needs of Shepherd's Table is through the WISH LIST link on their website:  https://shepherdstable.org.

See an update from MCCH here.
The First Sunday after Epiphany
First Lesson: Genesis 1:1-5
Psalm: 29
Epistle: Acts 19:1-7
The Gospel: Mark 1:4-11

The Week of January 10, 2021
Sun 1/10 Live webcast: 11:15 am @cathedral.org, Manantial de Vida 2:30 pm Church
Mon 1/11
Tues 1/12
Wed 1/13 Eucharist via Facebook 11:30 am, Virtual Lunch Bunch 1 pm.
Thur 1/14
Fri 1/15
Sat  1/16 Telephone Prayer Meeting 9:15 am, SDA 9:30 am Church, Food Drive 11am - noon
Sun  1/17 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at 10:30 am. Live webcast 11:5 am @cathedral.org, M de Vida, 2:30 pm.
Vonnie Schoppelrei and family, Barbara Young, Beth Baker, Carol Lewis, Oscar Mujica-Martorell (friend of Lillian Luksenburg), Winetta Moses, William Kocian, Stacy Scott (friend & family of the Scotts), June Samuelian, Jamill Mathews (family, friend of the Campos), Tony Callahan (family of Susan Callahan), Scott DeMoss (family of Joan DeMoss).
Zoom Readers:
Jan 10 Ben Hendricks, Diane Russell
Jan 17 Arlene Mahon, Donna Clemons-Sacks
Jan 24 Jillian Newby, Liz Cocke
Jan 31 JasCiel Stamp, Linda Campo
Feb 7 Florence Walters, Debbie Beebe
Feb 14 Susan Womack, Deena Groshong
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
January 10 - January 16: Sal Campo, Shonali Burke, Lyn Womack, Don Lewis.
Clergy & Staff
The Rev. David C. Wacaster

The Rev. Kathryn McMahon

Organist & Choirmaster
George Drumwright

Parish Administrator
Lynn Hutcheson
Vestry & Delegates
Senior Warden
Deena Groshong

Junior Warden
Jennifer Hendricks

Rosemond Cole
Shaun Hardy
Lillian Luksenburg
Joe Burckle
Boma Fubara
Jose Obando
Lynette Clark
Nina Scott
Vanvisa Sivali

Cecily Thorne
Ray Groshong
Counters & Recorders (All serve on a rotating schedule, two counters and one recorder each Sunday)

Ray Battistelli
Frank Desmond
Kirk Franklin 
Becky Parks
Vanvisa Sivali
Adrienne Womack
Greg Wood
Jim Woodhams
Allen Wyrick