:  Mail in ballot applications have now been m
Pledge on-line! Make your 2021 pledge on-line by clicking on this link. Or in your pledge card in the provided envelope from the Stewardship packet which was mailed to you. Please do so by November 1st.

UPDATE ON VOTER INFORMATION:  Mail in ballot applications have now been mailed to registered voters. If you did not receive one OR if you did not apply on-line for a mail in ballot, call the Maryland Board of Elections at 240-777-8550 or apply on-line (below) as soon as possible. If you did receive an application, mail it in quickly! ballot request
Early voting in Maryland starts on October 24!  
Telephone prayer meeting every Saturday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 

Necrology - November 1, 2020 is All Saints Day. We will be listing the names of those who have died since November 1 2019 to the present. If you would like to include a name please email the church office ( by October 26th. Thank you.
Through our outreach at Good Shepherd, we have attempted to show that:

1. We believe in welcoming the stranger with God's love, especially when that stranger is seeking refuge from hunger, fear, injustice, and persecution.
2. We believe that hunger takes many forms - for nourishment, for justice, for learning, for safe and comfortable shelter, for financial security - and we look for ways to respond as Jesus would.
3. We believe that even as we beg forgiveness for grievous sins of omission and commission in present and past treatment of God's people, we are called to follow the example of Jesus as we explore how we, too, might bring healing and wholeness.
4. We believe that community is important and we celebrate the ways in which our outreach brings us together.
5. We believe in learning new ways to open our hearts to others.
6. We believe that love and joy and celebrating the other can block out fear.
7. We believe that God blesses our efforts.

Finally, in this season of voting, we call upon all of us to let our vote reflect what we believe as followers of Jesus.
The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost 
First Lesson: Exodus 33: 12-23
Psalm: 99
Epistle: Thessalonians 1:1-10
The Gospel: Matthew 22: 15-22

The Week of October 18, 2020
Sun 10/18 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at 10:30 am
Live webcast: 11:15 am
Mon 10/19
Tues 10/20 Adult Ed 6:30 pm
Wed 10/21 Healing Eucharist via Facebook 11:30 am, Vestry 7:30 pm via Zoom
Thur  10/22
Fri 10/23
Sat  10/24 Telephone Prayer Meeting 9:15 am,
Sun  10/25 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at 10:30 am.
Live webcast: 11:15 am
OFFER PRAYERS INTENTIONALLY TO GOD FOR ALL HIS PEOPLE: Irene Fletcher, Oscar Mujica-Martorell (friend of Lillian Luksenburg), Winetta Moses, William Kocian, Stacy Scott (friend & family of the Scotts), June Samualian (family of theCampos), Patrick and Tony Callahan (family of Susan Callahan).
Zoom Readers:
Oct. 18   Ben Hendricks, Paul Dugard
Oct. 25   Arlene Mahon, Debbie Beebe
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
October 18 - October 23: Jessica Nicol, Adrienne Womack, Kayla Newby, Gregory Casey, Hailey Mitchell, Richard & Elspeth Nunn, Phill & Nina Scott
Clergy & Staff
The Rev. David C. Wacaster

The Rev. Kathryn McMahon

Organist & Choirmaster
George Drumwright

Parish Administrator
Lynn Hutcheson
Vestry & Delegates
Senior Warden
Deena Groshong

Junior Warden
Jennifer Hendricks

Rosemond Cole
Shaun Hardy
Lillian Luksenburg
Joe Burckle
Boma Fubara
Jose Obando
Lynette Clark
Nina Scott
Vanvisa Sivali

Cecily Thorne
Ray Groshong
Counters & Recorders (All serve on a rotating schedule, two counters and one recorder each Sunday)

Ray Battistelli
Frank Desmond
Kirk Franklin 
Becky Parks
Vanvisa Sivali
Adrienne Womack
Greg Wood
Jim Woodhams
Allen Wyrick