This Sunday at the 10:30 service, we welcome the Rev. Dr. Anne-Marie Jeffery as preacher and celebrant.
ENJOY computer program starts Monday June 20th. This is a program created by Luther Rice Memorial Baptist Church to help Seniors more affectively use their computers. The class meets twice a week: June 20th - July 22nd. This is a 5 week course which meets virtually on Mondays and in person (here at Luther Rice Church) on Fridays. This means you will have the opportunity to gets hands on assistance from the class instructor!      Please register here.

EPPN Series on Deradicalization: Introduction Our Church can play a role in deradicalization and help possible violent extremists to reject their ideology and reintegrate into their communities. This Series will provide more information about radicalization and deradicalization, offering updates on legislation and other initiatives intended to address this problem.
Support Family and Domestic Violence Prevention - The Episcopal Church has committed itself to addressing violence in every sector of society, especially domestic violence aimed at spouses, children, and older adults. Please write to your members of Congress today to tell them to support the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act to strengthen the support, protection, and prevention programs intended to assist Americans affected by family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence.
EPPN Series on Children: The Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS - HIV/AIDS continues to be a major global health challenge. In its 2020 report, UNAIDS estimates that 37.7 million people were living with HIV globally, and 1.7 million of them were children. Continued global commitment through ground-breaking research and investment in treatment is needed to ensure children and adults are HIV-negative and begin to break the chain of HIV in communities.
Event: A Closer Look with OGR: DACA – The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations (OGR) invites you to join us for a “closer look” at DACA. On this 30-minute call, OGR staff will provide updates on the current state of DACA in the courts, administrative actions, and the need for Congress to enact legislation to provide permanent protections. Registration required.
Social media links:
Family violence prevention services Alert
Series on Children: The Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS
For questions or help please contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726 or

Telephone prayer meeting every Saturday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 
Update from the Wardens
Well, here we are! We’ve said good-bye to Father David and we are now saying hello to the “interregnum” period of the transition. Thank you to everyone who made the good-bye to Father David so wonderful! I heard amazing things about the Iced Tea Hour after the service last week!

Please join us this Sunday as the Rev. Dr. Anne-Marie Jeffery, Canon for Congregational Vitality celebrates and preaches. She’ll also be holding a Q and A after the 10:30 service. Please make a special effort to attend as this is a key moment as we launch this phase of the transition. 

Questions will be taken from the floor, of course. However, if you have questions that you already know you want addressed, email me by Friday 5 pm at and I will share them with Anne-Marie in advance. If you’re not able to attend in person, this is also a way to be sure that your questions get answered. We’ll take notes and share the notes with everyone. 

We had our first vestry meeting last evening without a rector, and we were all struck by how clearly we are still church! There is a lot of great work afoot. We got an update from the Tending Our Soil team, learned about the possibility of solar panels being installed on our roof (it’s just a possibility for now —we’ll keep you updated), celebrated our shared ministry with Buen Pastor and the additional income that comes from the Diocese to support that ministry, and did some reflection and visioning work for this next time period. Our next vestry meeting is on July 20, and Mother Anna will be joining us for that meeting. 

One other thing we discussed is the role of the Vestry member on duty (“VoD”). Each week there is a vestry person on duty —their name and phone number is in the bulletin each week. We want to make this role more visible. If you see anything that needs attention at the church, or if you have questions, thoughts, concerns, please let the “VoD” know about it. 

As you all know, I will be leaving for Europe on Sunday evening. I’ll be spending two weeks in Germany (I’ll be with friends in Frankfurt and Berlin) and then I head to France for the rest of the summer. For those first two weeks, I expect to be less available via email and won’t be attending the Zoom services. Once I’m in France (after July 5), my schedule will be much less busy, and I look forward to seeing you again via Zoom —and to being more available via email. 

During that time, if you need anything that the “VoD” can’t help you with, Rosemary will be your go-to person ( Starting August 1, Mother Anna will be our half-time Interim Rector; until then, we are keeping the ship running ourselves and getting things ready so that we can have smooth sailing ahead. 

With love and blessings,
Anna and Rosemary
 Continued support for Ukraine
1. Episcopal Relief and Development -
2. Razom for Ukraine -

From Deacon Kathryn:
One of our Afghan refugee families is looking for a Dari translator to help.  The husband speaks good English, but his wife does not and could use help. Contact me ( or the Rev Sara Thorne, Saramthorne@aolcom. 
Next Food Drive Saturday July 2
Grocery Shopping for Our Food Collection Outreach (1st and 3rd Saturdays). Updated Manna Food Center List Link. Even though there is a shortage of baby formula, Food Distribution organizations are asking that you not purchase baby formula to donate.

News from Shepherd's Table: 
You can volunteer (in person) to serve meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at Progress Place (downtown Silver Spring) or hand out prepared meals for families at Parkland Middle School and Riverdale Elementary School!! You must sign up on the service hub: and if you need assistance, please let Debbie Beebe know (240-393-5614). Other ways to help include Clothes donations (bring to New4YouThrift Store in Bethesda (4909 Cordell Avenue; or to Interfaith Works Clothing Center at 751 Twinbrook Parkway) (   Monetary donations to Shepherd's Table are also welcome and can be made via the Hunger Globe by check noting "Hunger Globe" in the memo line, mailing your check to the church or placing it in the collection tray. Thank you!!
The Second Sunday after Pentecost
First Lesson: 1 Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a
Psalm: 42 & 43
Second Lesson: Galatians 3:23-29
The Gospel: Luke 8:26-39

The Week of June 19, 2022
Sun 6/19 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom 9:00 am, in-person at GSEC 10:30 am, Buen Pastor 1 pm, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm
Mon 6/20 Panda Computer Camp 8:30 am, M de Vida service, 5 pm,
Tues 6/21 Panda Computer Camp 8:30 am, SDA service 6 pm,
Wed 6/22 Panda Computer Camp 8:30 am Service 11:30 am,
Thur 6/23 Panda Computer Camp 8:30 am M de Vida 5 pm,
Fri 6/24 Panda Computer Camp 8:30 am Parish Office closed, SDA 6 pm
Sat  6/25 SDA service 9 am, SDA service 6 pm, M de Vida 5 pm, SDA 6 pm
Sun  6/26 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom 9:00 am, in-person at GSEC 10:30 am, Buen Pastor 1pm, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm
Joan DeMoss (GS member), Anna Gillespie (GS member), Lynette Clark (GS member), John Elliott (GS member), Sean & Seance Powell, Caleb Walters (friends & family of Florence Walters), Patricia (friend of Lillian Luksenburg), Alexis Bliss, Jon Heilbron. Lee Davis (Lewis family), June Samuelian, Nico Linsalata, John Scarrow, David & Leslie Goldstein (family, friends of the Campos), Kathy Desmond (family of Frank Desmond), Pat (friend of Sue Womack), Calandra Jackson (friend of Drumwright family), Paul Larson, Baby William, Morgan Swagart, Fiona Jones, Tyler Roche (family, friends of the Scotts), Christina Ogg, Don Farr (family of the Oggs), Regina Cardillo (friend of Elisabeth Nicholson), Ethen O’Brien (family of Lynette Clark), Doree Osborne (friend of Rosemary Addy).
Zoom Readers ( 9 am):
June 19 Ray Groshong, Sue Womack
June 26 JasCiel Stamp, Florence Walters

LEM & Vestry on Duty
June 19 Linda Campo, Ray Battistelli
June 26 Donna Clemons-Sacks, Vanvisa Sivali
June 19 - June 25 Birthdays: Rosemary Addy, Arlene Mahon, Nina Scott

June 19 Shaun Hardy & Allen Wyrick
June 26 Eric Reiffenstein & Sal Campo
Clergy & Staff
The Rev. Kathryn McMahon

Organist & Choirmaster
George Drumwright

Parish Administrator
Lynn Hutcheson
Vestry & Delegates
Senior Warden
Anna Gilcher

Junior Warden
Rosemary Addy

Lynette Clark
Nina Scott
Vanvisa Sivali
Peter Beyer
Florence Walters
Ray Battistelli
Debbie Beebe
Becky Parks

Cecily Thorne
Ray Groshong
Counters & Recorders (All serve on a rotating schedule, two counters and one recorder each Sunday)

Ray Battistelli
Elisa Elliot
Kirk Franklin 
Becky Parks
John Rees
Vanvisa Sivali
Florence Walters
Greg Wood
Jim Woodhams
Allen Wyrick