Issue: #10 7/22/2016
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Smoothie Of The Week:
Take advantage of a ripe mango's disease-fighting ability with this delicious smoothie recipe. The mangoes we buy here in the U.S. come mostly from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti. Fortunately for us, these countries harvest their mango crops at different times of the year, which means we get to enjoy mangoes all year round. The mango year has two seasons, one in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter. The two seasons overlap to provide a year-round supply. There are many different kinds of mangoes that range in color, shape, flavor and seed size. While the skin color of mangoes can vary from green to red, yellow or orange, the inner flesh of the mango is mostly a golden yellow. They have a sweet and creamy taste and contain over 20 vitamins and minerals.

Here was what you'll need:
-1 can (8 oz) juice-packed pineapple chunks

-1 c fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt

-1 lg ripe mango, peeled and chopped

-1 ripe banana, sliced 

-Crushed or cracked ice

Combine the pineapple (with juice), frozen yogurt, mango, and banana. Blend until smooth. With the blender running. gradually drop in enough ice to bring the level up to 4 cups. Blend until the ice is pureed.

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Pokemon Go has taken over the world! What type of EMF/EMR and RFR increase are we all looking at? Can something that is so good for our sedentary lifestyle also be a burden? The refreshing vs. hydrating debate goes on as summer quickly begins to disappear and this easy brain food recipe will help get everyone back in the school year rhythm.
Pokemon Go Pros and Cons!
As Pokemon Go sweeps the nation and the world, great things are happening. Children living predominately sedentary lifestyles are getting up and becoming active. Children who had their faces buried in computer screens and video game screens are now burring the faces in phone screens outdoors. Like it or not, it is a dramatic improvement. Of course with this new trends, fear mongering and worry begins to appear as well. Is Pokemon stealing your vital information? No. No more than any other app or facebook/social media center. Kids are getting hurt. Yes, there are cases of children not paying attention and walking into things and getting hurt, but kids have always gotten hurt for being kids and not paying attention. It used to be part of growing up. There is a lot of potential for this app to help educate healthy eating along with its already excellent activity requirements. Pokemon may be the first in a new era of interactive entertainment. We should be thankful for this new type of product as well as learn from it. This quote, from Ryan Knuston of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, " The  "Pokémon Go"  craze is testing America's smartphones in new ways by sapping batteries and shattering screens  when players trip on real world objects  while hunting virtual monsters." tells us that the EMF/EMR and RFR are going to be very high. Increased exposure simply means you need to be sure phones and kids are protected. Lets hope this new craze of activity sticks and we learn how to celebrate healthy businesses as Poke spots and see continuous positive change. Let us know your thoughts. 
Brain Boosting Black Bean & Salmon Tostadas

Eat for a sharper mind with this healthy dinner recipes to boost brain power. Adding omega-3-rich ingredients, such as oily fish, to your diet, as well as iron-rich foods, such as beans, and water-rich foods, such as leafy salad greens, can support healthy cognitive function. This Black Bean & Salmon Tostadas recipe covers all bases and tastes great! 

Pickled jalapeños, cilantro and avocado perk up convenient canned salmon for a quick tostada topping. Skip store-bought and make your own crispy shells in the oven. Serve with: Brown rice cooked with diced tomatoes and onions or salsa. 

Substituting the salmon for other proteins or even a vegetable medley can make this recipe seem like new over and over again.
Lead Again?
Just kidding. We are entering the hottest part of summer and hydration is key. Back by popular demand is more about infused water. Finding the right combination of flavors can really make the right water pop. Our eyes have been conditioned to see certain foods in a particular way and while some colors stimulate the taste buds, others are capable of killing the appetite. Finding the right color combination, can make a simple glass of water the topic of conversation. The best way to beat the well branded and sugar laden sodas at there own game, is to make a presentation nobody can refuse. Now the hard part is making sure that the presentation is easy to achieve and takes very little time. The picture here is of a strawberry and mint infused water. Mint has a very refreshing clean feel to it and is a great appetizer or palate cleanser. It promotes digestion and soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation. The timeless flavor of strawberries, an excellent source of antioxidant-promoting vitamin C and manganese, pairs extremely well. They are also a very good source of dietary fiber, iodine, and folate. Both the mint and strawberries are readily available and fairly easy to prepare in an attractive manner. In order to get the best flavor infused in the water, it is best to use a reverse osmosis water or distilled water. Make sure they have not been enhanced with minerals for flavor. That is just a clever way of using cheaper plastic containers. Stay cool and hydrated as we hit the triple digits. Ditch those syrupy sodas and dive into some ultra healthy eye candy. Enjoy. 
Question of the week.
You'd be surprised how often this is asked. What is EMF/EMR/RFR?
EMF=Electric and magnetic fields
EMR=Electromagnetic radiation
RFR= Radio Frequency Radiation
To explain each one is a little bit harder especially in this small section of question of the week. Hopefully the full phrase for each one will help you search and learn more.

A last note on local news. Sweet home Chicago. Well not exactly Chicago, but the Chicago land area. Also 170 other Illinois public water system are in the spotlight now.  Alarmed by chronic problems with lead-contaminated water in downstate Galesburg, federal officials are urging local officials to provide bottled water or filters to residents where testing at household taps found high levels of the toxic metal.  Though the small Knox County city stands out for repeatedly exceeding  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  lead standards, a Tribune analysis of  state data  has identified about 170 other public water systems in Illinois - serving about 700,000 people in all - that had test results that exceeded federal standards during at least one year since 2004.  In the Chicago region, nine water systems exceeded the EPA standard at least twice during the same time period, the Tribune found, including Berwyn and Forest View in Cook County, York Township in DuPage County, and  Barrington  and Volo in Lake County.  Testing by those water systems found more than 15 parts per billion of lead in the tap water of at least 10 percent of the homes tested, highlighting the lingering danger from lead pipes and plumbing installed during the past century.
Thank you to everyone for being active in your health and wellness. It isn't easy to sift through all the information out there. We would like to help. Please feel free to bring us your questions. We would also like to have your tips and healthy tricks such as snacks, recipes, and even exercises.
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