Issue: #5 4/29/16
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Smoothie Of The Week:
Last Smoothie with pineapple! JK pineapple is awesome. This time we are going a little bold with ingredients, but trust us, it tastes great and packs a ton of powerful nutrition for energy.

The Green Machine:
1/3 c plain greek yougurt
1/2 c unsweetened almond milk
1 c baby spinach
1 banana
1/2 frozen pineapple chunks
option additions:
1 Tbsp chia seeds - *Chia seeds add healthy omega-3 fats, fiber and a little protein for an extra nutritional boost.*
-Water or for consistency
-Local Honey to taste

Blend And Enjoy!

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Why am I still dehydrated?
We often ask people first and foremost "how much water are you drinking in a day?" Often times we get an answer like "plenty", but what is plenty. In most cases you need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. What happens when drinking that much or more just doesn't seem to cut it. Perhaps it is the type of water you are drinking. Dehydration can often times be a symptom of a larger problem. This problem may not be your fault. The water we have available to us may not be able to actually reach your cells. Click on the picture to the right in order to watch a short video that may help answer a lot of common questions. Drinking the correct amount of water is very important. Drinking water that your body can actually use, may be even more important!  Find out more at.........
I Can't Afford Organic
People often have excuses as to why they can't eat healthy. The most common is that organic is too expensive. A recent story by
The Business Insider shows that there is a price difference and percentage wise it may be large, but in total cost to a grocery bill, it isn't. The second argument we received was that organic fruits and vegetables don't last very long. Once again we countered that with the use of the  This week we offer a solution to start eating organic by easing into organic produce. The first thing you should think of is "am I going to eat the peel?" Begin purchasing items such as organic apples, pears, grapes, and anything that you eat the outside of. Both GMO and conventionally grown produce will be loaded with pesticides and other mysterious profit making solutions. Don't waste money on special fruit/vegetable wash. Put that money into to buying higher quality food. Your body will thank you.
Question of the week.
How Long Does The Shower Filter Last?
An excellent question that gets asked all the time. Each shower filter is guaranteed for twelve months. Of course many variables play a roll in just how long it will last. How much water is used daily and water quality are the two biggest deciding factors. We average two 15 minute showers a day per shower filter. Some locations may only get 8-10 months based on water quality while others may get more. We do prorate the shower filter if you have to replace the filter early. We last twice as long as the leading competitors.  
A last note on local news. Surprise, lead is back in the water! This time our point of focus takes us to the far North East. Tacoma, Washington now has four or more schools registering high lead in their drinking water. More and more questions are arising as to where all this lead is coming from. Can this volume of lead all be traced back to pipes? The questions are piling up, but the solutions need to be immediate. Here is a link to a what is going on up there. Share this with everyone. Our contaminated drinking water should be the most important thing to us right now!
Thank you to everyone for being active in your health and wellness. It isn't easy to sift through all the information out there. We would like to help. Please feel free to bring us your questions. We would also like to have your tips and healthy tricks such as snacks, recipes, and even exercises.
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