Issue: #2 4/8/16
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Smoothie Of The Week:
Kale To The King!
In keeping with our immune booster motif,here is this weeks smoothie. Packed with vitamin B6, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, iron,magnesium, vitamin B1, omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, protein, folate, and niacin! This smoothie will get you moving! 
1 sliced banana
1 cup kale
2 lemons squeezed (juice only)
1 cup celery
1 cup diced apple
1 tbsp local honey
1 cup ice
you can also try 1 cup of you favorite herbal tea in place of the ice.

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Thanks to everyone for the great response to the newsletter. We have a lot of questions and scenarios requested, but cannot cover them all. The pyramids were a huge hit and sold out immediately. Luckily we will have more coming in next week. Same deal. They will not be on the website, and can only be ordered in response to this letter.   
Air purification for your home!
Here is a big surprise, you don't need it! The majority of your home is hard and costly to manage. So don't. Start small and focus on the bedroom. You spend 1/3 of you life sleeping and here is where your body recharges. Get and air purifier for you bedroom and improve 1/3 of your life. Don't spend a ton of money making sure every inch of the house in safe, because that will most likely never happen. If you want to step up after the bedroom, move to the next most common living area. Getting the whole house taken care of can be done if you want, but first focus on what areas will truly be the most beneficial to you. We create a wide range of different options with square foot indicators. Call the office and speak with someone that will help you get the unit you need to start making a difference. 

What happened in flint, Michigan was/is an atrocity. A city supplying water to its residents that was unsafe. 
What and why did it happen?
Improper water treatment caused irreparable damage to children by poisoning them with lead. How did this happen? Could you be at risk of the same danger? What solutions are there to avoid being poisoned without warning? In this small segment we will cover shortened answers that cover the essentials to these questions.
The Flint, Michigan water crisis started in April 2014. Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water, sourced from Lake Huron as well as the Detroit River, to the Flint River. Officials failed to........
Question of the week.
Do I need a Harmony Patch on my computer?
Depending on what type of computer, yes. Laptop computers, tablets, and other wireless devices that you are in direct contact with, should have a Harmony Health Patch  on them? Desk top computers that you are not holding don't require a patch. Think more along the line of wireless devices with extended contact. Be more concerned about wireless video game controllers in the hands of developing kids, than time at the desk top computer.
A last note on local news. This weeks local spotlight falls on Hot Springs, Arkansas. After a response from one of our readers about a recent boil warning,we looked into the reason to find out if it needed to be monitored. The boil warning was due to a water main break and hopefully was handled quickly. A situation like this is common and shouldn't be cause for undue stress. Water mains break and result in soil and bacteria entering the water after the treatment plant. The boil warning is usually a precautionary measure. You may want to be concerned about the excess chemical addition to the water in order "fix" the problem. Think of it like shocking a swimming pool.
Thank you to everyone for being active in your health and wellness. It isn't easy to sift through all the information out there. We would like to help. Please feel free to bring us your questions. We would also like to have your tips and healthy tricks such as snacks, recipes, and even exercises.
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