Volume 8, Issue #1 - January 4, 2018 

In the name of Christ, we embrace all people to be nourished and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and serve the world.
OUR ANNUAL PARISH MEETING will be held on Sunday, January 21, after the 10:30 service in the parish hall. Your attendance is encouraged and needed as we review the year just past, and make important decisions for the year to come. Please plan to attend!

Potluck Dinner: Please contact Kristi Buffenmyer to coordinate luncheon plans; food items should be brought in before the 10:30 service. Email kbuffenmyer@yahoo.com

Child Care: Young people of all ages are invited to hang out in the Library during the business meeting for organized activities. The nursery will also be available.

Annual Reports:
  • The proposed budget for 2018 will be presented for discussion and approval.
  • All committees, groups and organizations are asked to submit annual reports for 2017 by Tuesday, Jan. 16. Email your Word-format documents to info@ ascensionfrankfort.org, or submit a print copy to Mona in the parish office. (For reports completed later, please make your own copies.) 

Voting: In accordance with the 2015 Constitutions and Canons of the Diocese of Lexington: Qualified voters at a Parish meeting shall be (a) all those who are confirmed communicants in good standing of the age of sixteen years or older, and (b) any other baptized persons of such age who are regular worshipers in the Parish and who for six months immediately preceding the meeting have been regular contributors to the support of the Parish. (Canon 17.04)

  • Election of FOUR (4) Vestry Candidates: The Nomination Committee's work continues... Watch this space for more information!

  • Election of Ascension deputies and alternate(s) to the 2017 Diocesan Convention: Three lay deputies and alternate(s) will be elected; the Senior Warden for the calendar year is automatically the fourth lay deputy. (If you are interested in being a deputy, please contact Father Neat - fatherjessee@aol.com. Qualifications are the same as for vestry candidates.)

  • Early Voting for 8am Attendees: For those eligible voters who attend the 8am service on January 21 and are unable to return for the Annual Meeting, early balloting will be allowed at the conclusion of the 8am service. Balloting will be conducted in the parish office. 
BREAKFAST begins at 8:50 a.m. ADULTS gather at 9:15 a.m. in the library for "The Preacher's Forum."  CHILDREN of all ages meet in the parish hall at 9:15 for Christian Formation/Sunday School. Coffee Hour offers refreshment for all ages after the 10:30 service in the parish hall.
THIS SUNDAY, January 7 - All parties interested in and/or involved with children in Christian Formation, Godly Play or acolyting (leaders, parents, helpers) are asked to gather in the library after the 10:30 service (during Coffee Hour), to discuss plans for the upcoming semester. If you cannot attend today, please discuss your ideas and availability with Frances Kirchhoff or Deacon Rebecca Saager as soon as possible.
Sunday, January 14 - ASCENSION’S BENEDICTINE CELL will meet at 5:00 p.m. in the chapel. For more information, contact Frances Kirchhoff ( francesck@bellsouth.net ). 
Friday, January 26 - Sunday, January 28, 2018 - Annual Vestry Retreat - if you are on the 2018 Vestry, or thinking of standing as a vestry candidate, reserve this weekend on your calendar!

Saturday, February 24 - 122nd Convention of the Diocese of Lexington, at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 2410 W Lexington Rd, Winchester, Ky.
December 3 - February 11

This schedule (PDF file linked above) includes acolytes, chalice bearers, lectors, altar guild and men's club teams, coffee hour hosts, and vestry lockup duties, plus dedications for altar flowers.  

  • Participants, please check this schedule EVERY WEEK to review your upcoming Sunday duties for the next few weeks. The same schedule is posted on the office window - please write in changes there, as needed, or notify Deacon Rebecca Saager. 

  • To share your time and talent in a new ministry, change your team assignment(s), change your availability for a future Sunday, or change duties assigned for THIS Sunday, please contact Deacon Rebecca Saager (curate@ascensionfrankfort.org).
Daily Lectionary
Week of One Epiphany, Year Two (1/7/18) - BCP 943
or go to www.lectionarypage.net
8:00 a.m. - Rite I
  • Subdeacon: Susan E. Kurtz
  • Chalice Bearer: Will McKee
  • Lector: Susie Oder
  • Prayers of the People: Frances Kirchhoff
  • Acolyte: Peggy Stoner

10:30 a.m. - Rite II   
  • Subdeacon: Susan Kurtz
  • Chalice Bearer & Lector: Mac Elliott
  • Acolytes:  
  • C: Tori & Jillian Word
  • T: Peyton Heady & Ian Pinkerton
  • JS: Hannah Lee
  • Ushers: Jim & Debbie Kimbrough
  • Altar Guild: T4 - Sue/Rick Kurtz, Debbie/Jim Kimbrough, Jim King
  • Men's Club: T3 - Roy Upshaw, Jack Bates, Fred Kirchhoff


COFFEE HOUR:      Leah MacSwords - reimbursable pickup

  • Yes, we are still looking for Coffee Hour hosts and helpers! Vestry members have agreed to pitch in on Sundays when no one else is scheduled, but we encourage everyone to share in this ministry as you are able. 

  • Jan Stevens is our Hospitality Coordinator - contact her by email at jstevens5@aol.com - If you would like to host Coffee Hour, please sign up on the printed sheet on the office window.  If you can bring treats but need a helper, or vice versa, Jan can help you team up!

COUNTERS:   TWO  needed

For the Church:  St. Timothy’s Mission, Barnes Mountain – The Venerable Bryant C. Kibler, Sr., Priest-in-Partner ; St. Timothy’s Mission Camps, a Ministry of the Diocese of Lexington (35 years); and Ascension’s Benedictine Cell.

Recently in need of prayers: Collin; Darlene; David C.; Donna; Faye & Steve; Geoff; Isaiah; Jim & Fonda; Jon; Leslie M.; Polly; Walt.

Continuing concern: Alfred; Ava; David G.; Debbie; Dillard; Doris & Charlie; Gail; Harrison; Isaiah; Jean; Jim & Debbie; Jinks; Julia; Lara; Linda; Luke; Marilyn; Natalie; Risa & her daughter; Scott & Kathy; Shelia; Sherri; Shirley; Tom; Will; and Will & Trish. We also pray for those on active duty in the military: Daniel, Houston, Nick, and Seth; and for Susan Kurtz, Postulant for Holy Orders.

Birthdays: 1/7 – Carol Roe; 1/8 – Lara Heady; 1/9 – Bob Bullock Sr., Laura Graham; 1/11 – Judy Kizer.
  • Prelude: Prélude sur l’Introït de l’Epiphanie - Maurice Duruflé 
  • Opening Hymn: Hymn 128 - We three kings of orient are - Three Kings of Orient 
  • Te deum laudamus: BCP 95 - You are God
  • Gradual Hymn: Hymn 124 - What star is this - Puer nobis
  • Sequence Hymn: Hymn 632 - O Christ, the Word Incarnate - Munich
  • Offertory: O Light of Light, love given birth - Cary Ratcliff
  • Sanctus: S 130
  • Fraction Anthem: S 164
  • Communion Hymn: Hymn 324 - Let all mortal flesh keep silence - Picardy
  • Closing Hymn: Hymn 616 - Hail to the Lord’s annointed
  • Postlude: The three kings - Wilbur Held
Clergy and Staff

  • The Rev. William Jessee Neat, Rector
  • The Rev. Dr. William G. Brown, Assisting Priest (Retired) 
  • The Rev. Nancy S. Farley, Assisting Priest (Retired) 
  • The Rev. Deacon Rebecca A. Saager, Curate
  • Mr. John B. Martin, Director of Music & Organist
  • Ms. Mona Landrum Proctor, Parish & Financial Administrator 
  • Mr. David Gierlach, Sexton

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