Volume 8, Issue #21 - May 24, 2018 

In the name of Christ, we embrace all people to be nourished and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and serve the world.
The parish office will be closed on Friday, May 25, and Monday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, May 29. Morning Prayer will continue as scheduled on Friday and Saturday, May 25-26.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." 
John 15:13

All too frequently the purposes and meanings of Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day become clouded, for a variety of reasons. However, they are very different and we ought to be mindful of those differences. Armed Forces Day comes on the third Saturday of May, culminating Armed Forces Week, and honors those who are currently serving in one of the Armed Services. Memorial Day is held on the last Monday of May and is held in honor of those military personnel who died while in the service of their country. Veterans Day is always held on 11 November and is set aside to honor those who are veterans of the Armed Services. 

So on 28 May we remember and honor those military service members who have died in the service of our nation. While we may not think of it next Monday, please take a few moments and pray for those who have laid down their lives for our nation.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, in whose hands are the living and the dead; We give thee thanks for all those servants who have laid down their lives in the service of our country. Grant to them thy mercy and the light of thy presence, that the good work which thou hast begun in them may be perfected; through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord.  Amen. (BCP 1928, page 42) 

Check out all service and activity schedules on the online church calendar at
Thomas E. H. Bemiss
Frankfort High School
headed to Sullivan College
(son of David Bemiss and Ava Marie Allison)

Alex Bullock
Washington University at St. Louis
(grandson of Bob & Angela Bullock)

John Bullock
Franklin County High School
headed to Princeton University
(grandson of Bob & Angela Bullock)

Mary Wallace Craig
University of Cincinnati Conservatory, Major in Stage Management
(granddaughter of Will & Pamela McKee)

Saydie Elizabeth Kurtz
Franklin County High School
(granddaughter of Rick & Sue Kurtz)

MacKenzie Napier
Western Hills High School
headed to Morehead State University
(daughter of Laura & Kristi Buffenmyer and Brian Napier)

Reagan Grace Napier
Western Hills High School
headed to Midway University, playing volleyball
(daughter of Laura & Kristi Buffenmyer and Brian Napier) 
Announcing an Early Summer Book Study with Father Jessee

Finding God in the World – A Spiritual Revolution
by Diana Butler Bass

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM
30 May – 27 June 2018
This summer we will examine the continuing trend of people moving from being 'religious' to being 'spiritual.'  Grounded, published in 2015, drills down deeply and broadly into the ongoing spiritual renewal in the world about us. This is a follow-on book to Christianity After Religion, also by Diana Butler Bass, which we read and discussed during Lent. 
Grounded continues to explore cultural turns as Diana Butler Bass unpacks how people are finding new spiritual ground by discovering and embracing God everywhere in the world around us—in the soil, the water, the sky, in our homes and neighborhoods, and in the global commons. Faith is no longer a matter of mountaintop experience or institutional practice; instead, people are connecting with God through the environment in which we live. Grounded guides readers through our contemporary spiritual habitat as it points out and pays attention to the ways in which people experience a God who animates creation and community. (Copied & very slightly edited from the description found on Amazon.com)

The book costs about $10 from Amazon , or may be found elsewhere. To register and receive a syllabus, please contact Father Jessee (email rector@ascensionfrankfort.org ).
CENTERING PRAYER , every Saturday morning. All are invited and welcome to come and explore this ancient technique. Please gather in the church between 9:45-10:00 a.m. No latecomers – at 10:05, we will lock the doors and move to a quiet interior room for about an hour. For more information, contact Scott Kimbel, kskimbel@yahoo.com .
THE BROTHERHOOD OF ST. ANDREW will meet next on Saturday, May 26 (every other Saturday), at 8:00 a.m. in the parish hall. Contact William Legg for details.
THE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING will meet next on Sunday, June 10 (second Sunday of each month), in the library after the 10:30 service. Contact Deacon Rebecca or Sue Kurtz for details.
FRANKFORT READING CAMP – June 25-29, 2018 – Mark Your Calendars!  Deacon Rebecca Saager will again serve as Director. Your assistance is definitely needed this year, as her CAYA helpers are depleted due to graduations. Please contact her to offer your support ( curate@ ascensionfrankfort.org ).
May 2018 Income 
  • 5/6: $5,295
  • 5/13: $6,250
  • 5/20: $5,142

Note: these income numbers do include ALL donations (and pass-thru expenses),
such as those designated for Capital Campaign, Music Fund, Reading Camp, etc.,
which may account for large spikes on the graph.
May 27 - September 2

This schedule (PDF file linked above) includes acolytes, chalice bearers, lectors, altar guild and men's club teams, coffee hour hosts, and vestry lockup duties, plus dedications for altar flowers. Participants, please check this schedule EVERY WEEK to review your upcoming Sunday duties for the next few weeks. To share your time and talent in a new ministry, change your team assignment(s), change your availability for a future Sunday, or change duties assigned for THIS Sunday, please contact Deacon Rebecca Saager ( curate@ascensionfrankfort.org ).
Daily Lectionary
Trinity Sunday, Year Two (05/27/18) - BCP 965
Week of Proper 3, Year Two - BCP 969
or go to www.lectionarypage.net
  • BREAKFAST begins at 8:50 a.m. - free of charge to those in need; others may pay a small amount as able.
  • ADULTS gather at 9:15 a.m. in the library for "The Preacher's Forum." 
  • CHILDREN & YOUTH: Christian Formation/Sunday School and Godly Play classes are suspended for the summer. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend all church services; a nursery is available for younger children starting at 9:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m. - Rite I
  • Subdeacon, Chalice Bearer & Lector: Sue Kurtz
  • Prayers of the People: Frances Kirchhoff
  • Acolyte: Angela Goetter

10:30 a.m. - Rite II   
  • Subdeacon: Sue Kurtz
  • Chalice Bearer: Bob Bullock
  • Lector: Ron Gruzesky
  • Acolytes:  
  • C: Jillian Word
  • T: Jordan Masters & Mia Smith
  • JS: (as available)
  • Ushers: Jim & Debbie Kimbrough
  • Altar Guild: T2 - RoseGayle Hardy, Agnes Parman, Ruth Feindel
  • Men's Club: T3 - Roy Upshaw, Jack Bates, Fred Kirchhoff

COUNTERS:   TWO needed


COFFEE HOUR:    Rose Gayle Hardy - reimbursable pickup
Yes,   we are still looking for Coffee Hour hosts and helpers! Do you have a team, group, family or partner who could bring in a few light/simple snacks, and/or help serve and clean up, for our important time of fellowship after the 10:30 service on Sunday? If you would like to help with Coffee Hour, please sign up on the printed sheet on the office window (or contact Jan Stevens - see below). The coffee itself is provided by the Men's Club, and vestry members have agreed to pitch in on Sundays when no one else is scheduled, but we encourage everyone to share in this ministry as you are able. 

  • Jan Stevens is our Hospitality Coordinator - contact her by email at jstevens5@aol.com to discuss Coffee Hour questions, needs and procedures. If you can bring treats but need a helper, or vice versa, Jan can help you team up!
Intercessions for the Church: Trinity Church, Danville – The Rev. Amy Dafler Meaux, Rector.

Recently in need of prayers: Barbara; David; Faye & Steve; Gene; Geoff; Holly; James; Jim & Fonda; Jim & Nancy; Kevin; Kristi; Lara; Leslie; Marsaela; Mildred; Penny; Polly; Rachel; Rose; Susie; and Vivian.

Continuing concern: Alfred; Bettie; Betty; Collin; Darlene; David; Dillard; Doris & Charlie; Elena; Isaiah; Jean; Jim & Debbie; Jinks; Julia; Lara; Lee; Linda; Marilyn; Natalie; Scott & Kathy; and Shelia. We also pray for those on active duty in the military: Daniel, Houston, Nick, and Seth; and for Susan Kurtz, Postulant for Holy Orders.

Birthdays: 5/27 – Karen Hoover; 5/30 – Rebecca Saager.

Anniversaries: 5/26 – Mike & Maureen Davis; 5/30 – Craig & Cindy Aossey.
  • Prelude - David Hurt, instrumentalist (banjo)
  • Opening Hymn - Hymn 362 - Holy, holy, holy! - Nicea 
  • The Gloria: S 278
  • Gradual Psalm: WLP 886 - Canticle 13 - A Song of Praise  Benedictus es, Domine 
  • Gospel Acclamation
  • Offertory
  • Sanctus: S 128
  • The Great Amen
  • Fraction Anthem: S 165
  • Communion Meditation
  • Closing Hymn: LEVAS 752 - Sweet, sweet spirit
  • Postlude
Clergy and Staff

  • The Rev. William Jessee Neat, Rector
  • The Rev. Dr. William G. Brown, Assisting Priest (Retired) 
  • The Rev. Nancy S. Farley, Assisting Priest (Retired) 
  • The Rev. Deacon Rebecca A. Saager, Curate
  • Mr. John B. Martin, Director of Music & Organist
  • Ms. Mona Landrum Proctor, Parish & Financial Administrator 
  • Mr. David Gierlach, Sexton

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