Volume 9, Issue #43 - November 7, 2019 

In the name of Christ, we embrace all people to be nourished and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and serve the world.
From Peter's Pen
by The Rev. Peter Doddema


Diocesan Convention is the yearly event where all of our Episcopal congregations in the eastern half of Kentucky get together. There is usually a business portion of the convention; there are often elections for different diocesan and national Church offices, and also time for Scripture study, prayer, and worshiping together. 

Last weekend (Nov 1-2) the congregations came together to elect Mark Van Koevering as our permanent Diocesan Bishop. Mark has been with us for nearly two years, acting in a new role as a sort of rent-to-own-Bishop... 🙂. The standard way of electing an Episcopal Bishop is to have a general, often very expensive job search. The resumes are gradually whittled down to 4 or 5 candidates, who are then flown into the diocese, shown around and interviewed over the course of a few days, and then a few weeks later one is elected by Diocesan Convention. This process can easily cost ~$200,000 and, like any job search, is not guaranteed to get the best bishop for the position. 

A few years ago, the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin (eastern California) pioneered a novel approach to a bishop search: ask the national church office to create a list of four or five bishops who might be a good fit for the current needs of the diocese and who were free to interview. This inexpensive, targeted approach brought a very fine bishop (David Rice) and produced excellent results. 

When it came time for our diocese to search for a new bishop, we felt that this was a good option for us as well. This approach resulted in Mark joining us as "Bishop Provisional" in February of 2018. Since then both +Mark and the the Diocese have been in conversation and in prayer as we mutually discern whether he's called to be the next Diocesan (permanent) Bishop. By August of 2019, it was clear that +Mark and a clear majority of Episcopalians in DioLex agreed that he was so called, and at last week's convention we voted to call him as our Diocesan Bishop.

+Mark brings 30 years of work in Africa (Mozambique) with him into ministry as our Bishop. He is choosing to focus us on basic spiritual practices: learning how to pray and how to read Scripture and then doing it on a daily basis; and also carrying our distinctive Good News appropriately out into our communities. There is SO MUCH beauty, love, and goodness happening at Church of the Ascension and at other churches around our Diocese. Part of +Mark's vision is to help us figure out how to talk about that with others - moving us away from old, confrontational models of sharing our faith and teaching us how to lovingly build relationships with others and share our faith as God calls us within those relationships. 

His slogan for this is: "Be the Church. Be the Change." 

I came home from Convention delighted and energized. I've been to a number of Diocesan Conventions over the years and this is by far the most hopeful, moving, satisfying one that I've attended. Please feel free to contact me for more information. We'll be engaging in some of this work here at COA in the new year!

With Joy,
by Frances Kirchhoff

If you see me writing during the sermon, don't assume I am making my grocery list!

I grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition. Reading the Bible was just not done! The mass was in Latin. The priest faced Liturgical East with his back to the "audience" as we were back then. Bells chimed to give us a heads-up the miracle was about to happen. When the mass changed from Latin to English, the Priest faced the congregation and we became participants.

I was in high school before I ever tried to read a Bible. It was one of those big huge decorative tabletop kind that was to be dusted, but never read! I began reading but got lost very quickly trying to remember who's who. I knew those names were important and I knew that later in the book I'd need to know exactly who each person was and the role the person played. Later, I began again, that time making a Family Tree! That didn't work either. So like all good Roman Catholics, I quit!

As I grew in wisdom and knowledge, I tried again. This time not so concerned about the who's who and who did what or if he was a good king or a not so good king -- I just kept reading! Meanwhile I began to teach Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) at St. Peter's in Lexington. The priest there sent CCD teachers and in-school teachers to classes at the Theological Seminary on the UK campus. My eyes and ears (and mind and heart) were opened. I continue to read, teach, take classes, and take notes to become a life-long learner.

So if you see me writing during the sermon, I'm not making my grocery list. Chances are I just heard an explanation of a Bible passage, or a different point of view I'd never heard before, and wanted to add it to my marked-up study Bible!
Father Peter will sometimes ask a member of the congregation to share a personal perspective. If you have something to share, please contact Father Peter at fatherpeter@ascensionfrankfort.org
for the Franklin County Emergency Food Pantry

Sunday, November 10

Please bring non-perishable items to church ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 10. Monetary donations may be made payable to ‘Church of the Ascension’ with a memo for the Food Pantry and submitted in the collection plate or to the office. All money goes directly for food purchases; no funds are used for administrative support.

CLICK HERE for a list of suggested items.

Every dollar, every can, every box makes a difference!
Part 2 of 2: Service of the Table
Sunday, November 10, 8:00 & 10:30

This continuation of our real-time worship teaching/commentary will explain various elements of the service covering the Table. If you sometimes wonder why we do what we do, or if you know someone who would like to learn, this is definitely a service to attend!
Friday, November 15

This annual fundraiser for the Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC) will be held in Ascension’s parish hall with Kentucky authors/filmmakers. The evening includes a wine and cheese reception; authors will have books and prints on hand for signing. A donation of $20 is suggested for admission (or FREE with a new or renewed KCC membership, suggested donation $40).

The mission of the Kentucky Conservation Committee is to provide a trusted voice of the public in Kentucky’s capitol and throughout Kentucky, effectively advocating for protection, restoration and sustainable use of natural resources for the equitable benefit of all citizens in our Commonwealth.

For more information, see http://kyconservation.org/
Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 28, 7:30-10:00 AM

This walk to benefit the ACCESS Men’s Soup Kitchen started at Ascension; 
it is now part of the Frankfort Striders Run/Walk Series. Sign-in begins at 7:30 a.m. inside the First United Methodist Church building at 211 Washington Street. For more information contact Access at admin@accesssoupkitchen.com or call 502-223-5179.

Every Sunday

Meet at 9:30 a.m.
in the downstairs choir room.

More singers are needed –
come join us!

Sunday School / Christian Formation Classes with
Every Sunday
led by Laura Buffenmyer.
All school-age youth are invited;
gather in the parish hall at 9:15 a.m.

Adults are invited to meet in the parish library at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday to discuss topics related to the sermon and readings of the day. 

  • 11/3: $8,322
Commitment Sunday, November 17

If you have not received a Stewardship brochure by mail, you may pick up one at church. This annual campaign is necessary to establish Ascension's working budget for the upcoming year. This year's theme is  Faithful - With Little, With Much, With All .

We are called to faithfully and graciously invest the gifts that God has given to us (i.e., time, talents, treasures), whether big or small, many or few. When we are faithful “with little,” God will honor us by allowing us to be faithful “with much,” meaning that God will increase our effectiveness and broaden our ministry landscape.

Please consider how much of your time, talent and treasure you can give back to God through Ascension. Pledges received by Commitment Sunday – November 17 – will help us plan a realistic budget to open the doors, pay the bills and more in 2020. (NOTE: Old pledges do NOT carry forward; a new pledge form is needed each year.)
THE BROTHERHOOD OF ST. ANDREW will meet next on November 16, 2019 (every other Saturday), in the parish library at 10:00 a.m. This group endeavors to bring men and youth to Christ through the three-fold disciplines of Prayer, Study and Service. Contact William Legg ( wleggwork@msn.com ) for details.
CENTERING PRAYER group meets every Saturday morning, 10:00 - 10:30. All are invited and welcome to come and explore this ancient technique, meeting in the main church. For more information, contact Scott Kimbel, kskimbel@yahoo.com
THE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING will meet on Sunday, December 1 (FIRST Sunday of each month), in the parish library after the 10:30 service. Contact Judith Spencer for details ( jspencer254@yahoo.com )
Check out public service and activity schedules on the online church calendar at www.ascensionfrankfort.org/calendar

Find the Diocese of Lexington online at www.diolex.org 
Schedules & Teams
* UPDATED: November 10 - January 26 as of 11/07/19 *

November 10, 2019
Daily Office Lectionary
Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost
Week of Proper 27, Year One – BCP 992
OR go to www.lectionarypage.net and choose by calendar date
  • BREAKFAST begins at 8:50 a.m. - free of charge to those in need; others may pay a small amount as able.

  • ADULTS gather at 9:15 a.m. in the library for "The Preacher's Forum." 

  • CHILDREN & YOUTH: Christian Formation/Sunday School - All ages please gather in the parish hall to go upstairs together as a group. Latecomers must be escorted by a parent to the upstairs classroom. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend all church services; a nursery is available for younger children starting at 9:15 a.m.
8:00 a.m. - Rite I
  • Chalice Bearer, Lector & PoP: Julia Tyson
  • Acolyte: Angela Goetter
10:30 a.m. - Rite II   
  • Chalice Bearer: Joyce Taylor
  • Lector: Jim King
  • Acolytes:  
  • C: Tori Word
  • T: Jordan Masters & Sam Agne
  • Jubilee Streamers as available
  • Ushers: Todd & Miller Elliott
  • Altar Guild: T4 - Rick & Sue Kurtz, Jim & Debbie Kimbrough, Jim King
  • Men's Club: T1 - William Legg, Pauline Van Horn, Skip Hunt
COUNTERS:   TWO needed

& Coffee Hour Coordinator this week: David Hurt
  • Vestry member responsible for lockup will also coordinate or supply snacks for Coffee Hour (reimbursable expense) and ensure kitchen cleanup is complete.

  • Jan Stevens is our Hospitality Coordinator - contact her by email at jstevens5@aol.com to discuss Coffee Hour questions, needs and procedures. If you can bring treats but need a helper, or vice versa, Jan can help you team up!
Intercessions for the Church: The Diocesan Staff at Mission House; St. Laurence Chapel, Mission House.

Recently in need of prayers: Adriane; Bill; Bob & Angela; Candy & Tony; Dan; David; Debbie; Don; the Duncan Family; Faye & Steve; Geoff, Heidi & Ian; Greg; Janice; John; Josh; June; Lara; Shawn.

Continuing concern: Betty; Collin; Darlene; David; Dillard; Doris; Holly; Isaiah; James & Stella; Janet; Jean; Jim & Debbie; Jinks; John; Julia; Lee; Mac; Marilyn; Mary; Melissa; Natalie; Polly; Rebecca; Scott & Kathy; Sherri; and Tom. We also pray for those on active duty in the military: Daniel, Houston, Mary Jo, Nick, Seth, and Tanner.

Birthdays: 11/16 – Rose Gayle Hardy. 


Part of the strength of this congregation is our care and concern for each other. Please help us to do this by letting the church office know when you are ill, hospitalized, or otherwise in need of prayer and/or visitation. We especially want to serve you during these times.  Also, if we don’t have your birthday or anniversary on file, or if it appears incorrectly, please let us know!  Call the office at 502-223-0557 (messages are checked Tuesday thru Friday), or email curate@ascensionfrankfort.org
Pre-Planning for End of Life

Rite I or Rite II? Eucharist or no? Burial service in the church, or only a graveside committal? Special music, songs, readings, people? Please consider writing your preferences on a “Funeral Information and Burial Instructions” form, for secure long-term storage in the parish office. This confidential information will serve as a guide to the church and your family after your death. A 'Kentucky Living Will Directive and Health Care Surrogate Designation' Form is also available.

Ask in the office or one of the deacons for a blank form, or download from our web site at: https://www.ascensionfrankfort.org/links

Return the completed form(s) to Deacon Rebecca, Deacon Sue, or the parish office.
10:30 AM RITE II - John Martin, Organist

  • Prelude: In paradisum - Jean-Yves Daniel-Lesur
  • Hymn in Procession: Hymnal 526 - Let the saints on earth in concert sing - Dundee
  • Gloria: S 280, All glory be to God on high
  • Gradual Psalm: Hymnal 404 - We extol you, ever-blessed Lord - Old 124th 
  • Gospel Acclamation
  • Offertory: Hymnal 414 - God, my King, thy might confessing - Stuttgart
  • Sanctus: S 129 
  • Fraction Anthem: WLP 879 - Christ our Passover
  • Communion Hymn: Hymnal 341 - For the bread which you have broken - Omni die
  • Hymn in Procession: Hymnal 625 - Ye holy angels bright - Darwall’s 148th 
  • Postlude - Festival voluntary - Flor Peeters

  Ritesong Online Music Library
Clergy and Staff

  • The Rev. Peter Doddema, Priest
  • The Rev. Dr. William G. Brown, Associate Priest Emeritus 
  • The Rev. Deacon Rebecca A. Saager, Curate
  • The Rev. Deacon Susan E. Kurtz, Deacon
  • Mr. John B. Martin, Director of Music & Organist
  • Ms. Mona Landrum Proctor, Parish & Financial Administrator 
  • Mr. David Gierlach, Sexton

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