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Easy Breezy Emissions Testing 




In case you didn't already know, we do emissions testing at Juanita Firs 76!  Yes, the state-approved, all super-official emissions test can be done right here at your local gas station.  It's fast.  It's local.  And it's easy!


Just stop by anytime between 7AM-7PM any day of the week and we'll have you taken care of in a jiffy!

  • No appointment needed
  • Convenient hours, open 7 days a week
  • Testing available for all gasoline vehicles
  • Cost is $29.95
  • Free car wash with every test!


Free Car Wash with 8 Gallons

We've been giving away a free car wash with every 8 gallon fill up for a long time now. But some people still don't know it!  

So, for those of you that don't visit us very often for your fill ups...we give you a free basic car wash every time you pump more than 8 gallons of fuel.  You also get $3 off any upgraded car wash, so if the basic wash and rinse isn't your cup of tea, you can always enjoy one of our upgraded car washes at a discounted rate.  Come check it out!
Save up to 15 Cents a Gallon

When you use the 76 personal card, you can save up to 15 cents a gallon at Juanita Firs 76. Here's how:
  • We discount the price by 10 cents immediately at the pump when you swipe your 76 card 
  • 76 gives a rebate of 5 cents a gallon on your monthly statement when you purchase over 45 gallons a month

Check out how to get a 76 personal card here.

0% Financing Available
Need to space out the payments for your next car repair? We now offer interest-free financing. When you have a repair over $199 performed on your vehicle, you can be eligible for 0% interest financing for 6 months.   Give us a call for more details or ask us about it at your next appointment.

Applying is fast and easy!  Give us a call at 425-821-2345 to learn more.

Give Online Scheduling a Try



Have you tried scheduling an appointment online yet?  It's fast and easy, and you can do it 24 hours a day, whenever it's convenient for you.


Simply click here to schedule your next appointment online. 



Schedule Online 24/7

$20 Off any Tune Up over $100


Tune up services include (if applicable): Spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, PCV valve, distributor cap & rotor.



Offer Expires 8/31/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers. Parts must be purchased through Juanita Firs 76.
$1.00 off fuel purchase over 8 gallons

Offer Expires 8/16/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  One coupon per customer.
$1.00 off fuel purchase over 8 gallons

Offer Expires 8/31/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  One coupon per customer.