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Book of the Month | Upheaval
Upheaval, by Jared Diamond, chronicles how and why civilizations rise and fall, examining how they dealt with crises at various points that threatened their very existence. In this month’s book review, Evan St. Lifer explores how this is particularly relevant to our PreK-12 education system, which is more vulnerable than ever before, as it continues to deal with the pandemic’s ongoing and still-unpredictable impact.

Webinar of the Month |  May The Infographic Be With You!
In a Galaxy, Far Far Away… had Darth Vader only used infographics the Empire might not be so misunderstood. In this webinar, Steven W. Anderson and Shaelynn Farnsworth show how to identify components of infographics, locate and use data, images and design elements, and share resources to explore with their students. Understanding where to locate good data and how to interpret and use data to tell a story are essential skills for teachers, students, and everyone!

Podcast of the Month |  Teaching the Power of Empathy
Each year, Education Talk Radio has an important discussion with Steven Spielberg's USC-SHOAH Foundation. In this podcast, Larry Jacobs, the host of Education Talk Radio, and Claudia Ramirez Wiedeman, Education Director of the Foundation, discuss teaching the power of empathy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stat of the Month | 40% of teachers have watched a webinar
Project Tomorrow has created an infographic on “The Impact of Remote E-Learning on K-12 Teachers’ Professional Learning Needs” that shows the results of school closures and the adoption of E-Learning due to the COVID-19 crisis. Teachers are increasingly tapping into webinars and online conferences for their own self-directed professional learning, and say they need more professional learning on a wide range of digital learning tools.



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Quote of the Month

In a recent edWebinar, Superintendent Chris Gaines of Mehlville School District in Missouri shared some reflections on the times we’re going through with the coronavirus and remote learning.

“We're experiencing some new things this year... One thing we've got to recognize is that we're all rookies with what we're in right now. All of us are going to make some mistakes, and we've just got to learn from them and move on.”

Learn how superintendents are facing the challenges of the times.
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