Education is being disrupted in unprecedented and inequitable ways as a result of COVID-19. These are no easy answers, but we hope this e-newsletter brings you helpful information from our partners, sponsors, and colleagues.
Book of the Month | Unleashing the Crowd
Unleashing the Crowd: Collaborative Solutions to Wicked Business and Societal Problems, by Ann Majchrzak and Arvind Malhotra, documents how both public and private organizations can best maximize the crowdsourcing process to solve big, complex, intractable, societal and business problems, which they characterize as “wicked.” Evan St. Lifer discusses how the authors offer the critical, just-in-time, practical advice and tactical support that districts sorely need during this time.
Webinar of the Month | Double Feature on News/Media Literacy
In the final weeks of the election, the importance of media literacy is top of mind. Michelle Luhtala presented School Librarians Can Save Democracy about the critical need for school librarians in every school, and the importance of equity in access to quality inquiry instructional experiences for all learners – not just for the future of education but for the future of democracy.
This month edWeb is launching a new community and series of edWebinars on News Literacy sponsored by the News Literacy Project. Their first edWebinar is Teaching Disinformation in 2020: CIA Tips for Students and Educators coming up on Wednesday, October 14th.
Podcast of the Month | School Leadership 2020-2021: Unprecedented Challenges in a COVID-19 World
In School Leadership 2020-2021: Unprecedented Challenges in a COVID-19 World, Dr. Dan Domenech, Executive Director of AASA, and Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN, joined by Illinois Township High School District 214 Superintendent Dr. David Schuler, shared lessons learned over the past school year and described successful leadership strategies for navigating the constantly changing challenges districts and schools are currently facing.
Stat of the Month | 52% of teachers said that students were communicating more with them using digital tools during school closures.
Project Tomorrow and Blackboard have created a report on “90 Days that Changed K-12 Teaching and Learning,” that shows how the COVID-19 pandemic most likely forever changed our expectations for teaching and learning in K-12 education, and has shone a new spotlight on the role of digital tools, content and resources within the learning experience. According to the report, 52% of teachers note increased 1:1 communications with their students as a silver lining of school closures. The reason? Greater access to digital tools.
Education Policy Update
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Jon Bernstein
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AASA, The School Superintendents Association

American Consortium for Equity in Education

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ASU+GSV 2020 Virtual Summit
The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning
The recordings for all of the presentations that were held on Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 7 & 8 are now available. Don’t miss the conversations with world leaders in education including General Colin Powell, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Nye, Gloria Steinem, Jon Meacham, Diane Greene, and many more!

Working on your company pitch presentation? Check out all of the ASU+GSV Elite 200 Pitch Videos for the GSV Cup. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the variety of new companies and their pitches for changing the world for good.

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Reimagining Education. Driving Innovation.
October 22 - 26

11th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit
The Future of Learning in Crisis & Beyond
October 28 - 29

Reinventing Education Together
November 29 - December 5
Quote of the Month

“What amazing things we can do as a country, as a community, when we're on the same page. It's a really special thing. When America's unified, we are absolutely unstoppable.”

Medal of Honor Recipient David G. Bellavia

In a recent edWebinar, Medal of Honor Recipient David G. Bellavia shared words of wisdom and lessons from his experiences in life and from his military service in Iraq as part of the Medal of Honor Character Development Program.
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