Coming in 2021! A new virtual conference for the education industry to hear firsthand from leading educators about how the industry can help schools innovate and find solutions to the unprecedented challenges created by the coronavirus.
Book of the Month | The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power is a thought-provoking new work by Shoshana Zuboff, emeritus professor at the Harvard Business School and also author of In the Age of the Smart Machine. In his book report, John Richards, Founder and President of Consulting Services for Education, Inc. (CS4Ed), discusses Zuboff’s analysis of Surveillance Capitalism and how, specifically, it applies to the realm of education.
Webinar of the Month | Navigating the Future of Education 
C. Blohm & Associates surveyed education marketers to identify the five key trends to incorporate in your marketing strategy for 2021. Their webinar on the 2021 Education Marketing Trends Report: Navigating the Future of Education dives into their analysis, including important takeaways that you and your team can put into action.
Podcast of the Month | Courage to Lead with an Equity Agenda
In Leading for Equity: Courage to Lead with an Equity Agenda, Dr. Amy Sichel, Lead Superintendent, AASA National Superintendent Certification Program®, moderated a discussion with Dr. Khalid Mumin, Reading School District’s Superintendent, and Marlon Styles, Superintendent of Middletown City Schools. Both superintendents shared what’s working with their equity agendas, and discussed how to have courageous conversations and move beyond excuses to implement action-oriented equity strategies.
Stat of the Month | Students say the use of online, digital, and video games with learning helps them develop future-ready skills
Project Tomorrow has created a report on Digital Learning during the Pandemic: Emerging Evidence of an Education Transformation, providing key research findings to support how students, teachers, and parents are thinking differently about teaching and learning as a result of distance learning in spring 2020. According to the report, students say the use of online, digital, and video games with learning helps them develop future-ready skills including creativity (68%), collaboration (67%), decision-making (61%), and problem solving (60%).
Virtual Events
Coming in 2021!
edFocus Industry Summit
Co-hosted by and Eduscape
The Impact of COVID-19 on K-12 Education
February 10 – 12
MindShare Learning
11th Canadian International EdTech Leadership Summit 2020

GSV Startup Bootcamp 
January 25 – March 12

Alliance for Education Impact
#ExecChat on Zoom with Deb Delisle, CEO and President at Alliance for Excellent Education
February 9, 10am Central Time
Get a sense of what we can anticipate as a result of the changes that are coming from both the executive and legislative branches. Explore the policy, advocacy, and funding shifts that may occur with the new administration.

World Education Summit
Connecting schools and colleges of the world through the cutting edge of learning
March 22 – 25
Marketing Insights

C. Blohm & Associates

MCH Strategic Data
News, Reports, and Resources
AASA, The School Superintendents Association

Alliance for Education Impact
The Solutions Roadmap was created by the Alliance Furnace, a design-thinking inspired think tank with 30+ multi-industry experts. It provides actionable solutions pathways that emerged from several rounds of rapid ideation and problem-solving on critical issues in education.

American Consortium for Equity in Education


Digital Promise

MCH Strategic Data and ESRI
Quote of the Month
The key is to figure out where things are going to be after all of this is over and getting ready to be there with the right products and services.
Peter Long, CEO of MCH Strategic Data, was interviewed by Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips for their series EdTech Leaders Face Covid-19
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