eduClipper Apps Get An Overhaul

We have been very hard at work building out the latest version of our eduClipper Apps for iOS! Version 4.0 of the eduClipper apps bring you lots of updates and upgrades including a major new feature - the eduMarket - making eduClipper better than ever before!

This email will tell you all about some of the big improvements to our apps. There is so much to share with you that we broke up the announcement into two emails. Tomorrow's email will focus on the eduMarket included with the new app updates.

We have gone through and made some important updates to the eduClipper apps. You may noticed our updated blue icon and some backgrounds on the home screen, but there are lots of other changes that we added in that we think will enhance your experience using the apps.

Creating Gets Easier!

One of the things you'll probably notice right away is that the create screen now sports options for the eduBinders (iPad Only for the creation at the moment) and we also added buttons for creating a New Class or a New Assignment for educator users. 

Another thing we changed was that when you create eduBinders, eduClipboards, or Portfolios, the process to add clips is much easier as we have streamlined the whole process onto one screen that we think will be much smoother. You can now use the menu on the left to create new content, or select previously created content for inclusion on your new bundle.

New Digital Portfolio Themes
We added a bunch of new themes to add some more life to your digital learning portfolios. One of our personal favorites is the plastic building bricks.

Force Touch Menus
If you have an iPhone 6s/6s Plus you will be able to use the Force Touch options we have added from the home screen that let you get started creating quickly...


We are excited to share this new functionality with you and have lots more to share with you about the new apps tomorrow when we dive into the new eduMarket functionality for educators. As always, we look look to make teaching and learning more powerful in and out of the classroom.

Founder of eduClipper