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"Premultiply by the blue channel - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.


You premultiply by the red channel - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."


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Company News


 eyeon is partnering with AMD for SIGGRAPH!

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to ignite the next generation of computing and graphics solutions.


At SIGGRAPH 2011, eyeon will be partnering with AMD to showcase the AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics solutions in conjunction with Fusion 6.2.


Please join Jeff Krebs, at booth 631, as he demonstrates the newest innovations of Fusion 6.2.


To book a personal demo, please contact Jeff at or 1.416.902.1259. We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver! 


MVCC and eyeon are partnering for a User Group Meeting on Wednesday, August 10, at 7:30 pm. Look under Partner News for more information.



Artist and Studio News


Pieter Van HoutePieter Van Houte Immerses Us In Anonymous


Anonymous is Roland Emmerich's Shakespearean project set to be released in the fall of 2011.

The team at Uncharted Territory produced some state-of-the-art vfx for this 'non-destruction' film.

We spoke with Pieter Van Houte who was given the daunting task of creating the water simulations on the film. And let us tell you...there is a lot of water surrounding London.

Read about how he created vfx magic here.


Gregory ChalenkoGregory Chalenko Pipes In About Anonymous

While the topic of who wrote Shakespeare's many plays and poems has been pondered for quite a length of time, the movie is not a mystery. It is drama set amongst political and artistic intrigue. How the vfx artists made it happen is a mystery that we are happy to share with you. 

We spoke with Gregory Chalenko, Digital Compositor and Compositing TD at Uncharted Territory, about his team's work on the project, the macros he created to work within their Fusion pipeline, and UT's partnership with eyeon Software.

Read more about Gregory and Uncharted Territory's innovations here.  


Monkeying around with Fusion 6.2 & Primatte Monkeying Around With Fusion And Primatte


Sander de Regt, puppetmaster extraordinaire, has produced a video that will make you go ape about the partnership between Fusion 6.2 and Primatte.


Take a look and find out why everyone's going bananas over the latest release of a primate's favourite compositing software. See the video here. Enjoy! 


Visit Sander's website here.


 House of Secrets

Studio Bio - House of Secrets


House of Secrets is a computer animation and visual effects studio. It was founded by three CG artists who have had formal training at the Utrecht School of Arts and hold bachelor and masters degrees in computer animation. Before founding House of Secrets, they had several years of experience in the television, film and games industries.


"We've been using Fusion since testing it on a vfx job years ago while looking for a replacement application for our compositing work, as our needs were outgrowing the software we were using at the time. The job in question was on crunch from day one until delivery and Fusion performed far beyond our expectations. We have never looked back since then."

~ Sven Neve, CTO, House of Secrets


Their services range from full scale visual effects for commercials and film to complete animated productions. House of Secrets has experience in a variety of different styles, from cartoon to realism, and they have worked for various major brands, dutch television stations, and on several short and feature film productions.


House of Secrets also produces in house animated shorts which have been shown at international animation film festivals and on several television stations including the Cartoon Network and MTV. Visit their website here.  



S.line by Marc HermannStuff We Love... S.line by Marc Hermann


S.line is a short film for the German division of a major packaging company.


The actor, bottle, and box were filmed in front of a greenscreen. The background is a photo of New York City. The room and screen are CGI created in Fusion and LightWave.


Makes me want to pack something! See the video




Magdalena BaezFusion Artist Bio - Magdalena Baez


A VFX artist and independent filmmaker, Magdalena has been interested in digital art since 2002. Her favourite mediums are multi-media, web design, digital photography, and video art.


In 2009, she decided to produce her first short called 'Laura'. It received a runner-up mention in the Brooklyn Short Film Festival this year and has been officially selected for show at DigiFest, Italy.


Read more about Magdelena and her work here. 



Partner News


MVCC MVCC is hosting a SWAT event during SIGGRAPH 2011!


MVCC and eyeon Software are partnering for a SIGGRAPH 2011 user group meeting on Wednesday, August 10, at 7:30 pm. Join us at the MVCC studio at 106-8678 Greenall Avenue, Burnaby. 


Jeff Krebs of eyeon Software will be demonstrating Fusion for editorial effects and beyond...  


Be sure to book early as space is limited. For more information, contact the MVCC team at 1-604-436-4492 or


PointCacheLoaderGrant Adams has created a new Fusion Point Cache Loader!


PointCacheLoader is a plugin that allows you to deform your Fusion meshes using a number of different 3rd party 3D cache formats - PC2 (PointCache2 - 3dsMax, Maya can convert natively), MC (Maya GeometryCache - Maya, 3dsMax), and MDD (point oven - Softimage, LightWave, others).


It supports Motion Blur, has retiming controls, and is designed to use the cache files you are likely to be using for the rest of your pipeline through a vertex retargetting system. Read more here. 


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