kate leong & her precious gavin          

kate leong is such a lovely mother. the loveliest. 

her darling superhero son gavin just passed away.

that has broken my heart.

but my heart is so full of love, because of kate.

because of her jaw-dropping courage & grace.

you can read about her story here. 

chasing rainbows facebook page



in honor of gavin, she asked that her readers do something kind for someone else.

this is what we can do.. what is our honor to do. 

horizontal bold stripes  

  for the next 24 hours, all proceeds from every sale at feel good frames will go to kate & her family.

that means if you buy a $36 frame, $36 will be passed along to kate & her family.

we won't keep a penny of it.

it is our honor to paint for kate.




mother's day is around the corner. 

there are lovely moms all around us. pick one.

send her something special. let her know she is loved. do it for kate. do it for gavin.

we'll include a card that tells your lovely mom that lovely kate inspired your gift.  



again, every penny is going to kate & her family.

we will post on our facebook page the amount we were able to send to kate.

we will also post the first names of everyone who participated.



thank you, thank you, thank you!

the 24 hours "paint for kate" starts now!





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