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HI there, Hows tricks?
The photo above is a release shot of a big brown that my client Peter caught with me a few days ago. Peter had not done much fly fishing and this was his first south Island brown," lucky bugger" John his mate said! and I had to agree. This news letter was meant to be about my first book launch, though something more important came up GERRY, read on.

The photo on the right Is from Gerry a client of mine that hired me every year for quite a few days over the past 13 years, Many of you will know him and met him ,he fished all over NZ through the years with many guides and became a good friend of mine and many others. At 88 he Conked out , as he would have said. So sadly his booking this year is no more. For all of you and not just me that knew him ,here are the words I wrote not just myself, for you all that had the chance to meet and guide Gerry.

So sad to hear.

I am choked up with tears in my eyes.

It will indeed be a celebration of his life as he was an amazing man and a huge inspiration for myself and many others lucky to have met and became good friends with him over the many years. He has helped me be the man I am today, with his out look on life. 

We had fun, laughed and shed tears together on the river banks. I would listen to his stories and words of advice like a sponge. When he spoke to anyone we would meet you could hear a pin drop, everybody stopped what they were doing and listened to him. 

With my body full of titanium in my back and Gerry’s body also full of metal(hips,knees) , we would joke to each other that the scrap man would make a bit of money from all the metal in us, when we both go.

I would always say to Gerry with his drive that I don’t think he will ever die and he would say

“I,m not going to die Stu , I,m just going to Conk out!

My thoughts are with you all.

Take care all my love 

Stu and Trigger & all the rivers and trout in NZ xx

Stu's First Book Launch!

It's so close to being finished printed project that has taken so long and so much hard work and dosh. My first book one of five this one is called - JUNGLE BLUES is so close to being printed. Despite it not being available yet as i,m making it more sexy and fun.

I have been asked to talk at the Queenstown NZ writers festival ,next Sunday. So come along and watch and listen to the interview and chat about the adventure and have a beer as its taking place at a Queenstown brewery.

Apparently its quite popular and seats are going fast. Which is more than just amazing. Though maybe because its FREE! :)

Even though its just the start of the season and its been cold, there is lots of mice around so its going to be a NZ mouse year. Orders for my mouse flies have been coming in from all over the south island and over seas.

Here are two of my clients with a small rainbow trout we caught from a spring creek with a size 20 willow grub fly. :) Honest Stu? or maybe its not two of my clients and just one of my lovely clients on a trip to Russia( guides,gun in background) with a cracking Salmon.

The best place to learn in NZ

Here is one of my happy customers from Canada. Big Franky :) was using Stu's Superior flies with huge success after buying a bunch when he was fishing here last year. It just proves that they will work all over the world at fooling fish.
The Canadian trout were jumping out the water and into his fly boxes trying to get the fly in the photo above, he reckoned, he was fighting the trout off!

Trigger spots a big trout!

Trigger on point and about to dive in and wrestle the big trout

Stu's Superior fly caps travel the world this ones managed to visit a big famous rock in the middle of Australia

Did you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
He can make you a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish.Only the best flies used in all the selections.

The best movie to come out from NZ. Yet another classic Kiwi film to come from the kiwi genius. That will make you smile. Watch the trailer of the NZ Box office smash hit.

666 the number of the Beast!!.


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