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New Scale News
July 2013

This month we're excited to share a couple of customer applications of our technology, including wearable technology to assist people with low vision, and a system for electrode positioning in electrophysiology research.    

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~ M3-F focus module powers eSight eyewear
~ Microdrive for electrode positioning
~Article: "Smart electronics" for piezo motors
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~ M3-F focus module powers eSight eyewear
Photo: eSight Eyewear device
eSight eyewear for people with low vision incorporates New Scale's M3-F focus module with a high-resolution video camera and two displays.
eSight Corp. is using the New Scale M3-F module to power its eSight eyewear, a new wearable assistive technology device that improves the lives of people living with low vision due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other conditions.

The eSight eyewear incorporates a high-resolution video camera and a high-contrast display for each eye. Each device is customized to the individual to enhance his or her remaining vision. The focus module enables precision focus of the camera lens, driven by eSight's focus algorithms.

Learn more about New Scale and eSight.

View videos of users experiencing this new technology for the first time (esighteyewear.com). 

~ Microdrive for electrode positioning and chronic recording
micro-drive with 6.35 mm pipette holder
M3-L-EP motorized microdrive for electrode positioning
Electrode positioning systems for chronic recording must be small, precise and repeatable. New Scale has developed a motorized microdrive that ensures repeatable electrode positioning with high precision, high lateral stability and no gear backlash. 

We modified the M3-L linear actuator with an enhanced low-friction, zero-clearance bearing guide to achieve the high lateral stability required for electrophysiology. The precision and small size enable electrode positioning arrays within standard laboratory cranial chambers.

Ongoing development to reduce size and mass is expected to yield microdrives suitable for recording with freely-behaving animals

Download the preliminary data sheet (PDF) 

~ Article:
   "Smart electronics" reduce power use, boost performance


Graph: effect of switching on motor speed and power consumption
The article includes a discussion of the effect of full-bridge switch adjustment on motor power and speed


Smart drive electronics and algorithms reduce piezo motor power consumption by approximately 40% while maintaining output power (motor speed). They ensure optimal motor performance despite manufacturing variations and temperature changes, and produce smoother, quieter motion.    


The NSD2101 is a "smart" piezo motor driver IC that monitors and responds to motor changes in order to maintain optimized performance. It features two-channel outputs, full-bridge switching, integrated frequency generation and tracking, speed control, and digital control. Learn more about what this means for piezo motor performance and efficiency.

Read the article 




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