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This year is flying by, but don't you worry - foodguys is keeping right up! Whether it's market shifts, seasonal changes or the end of the year quickly approaching us... we're still driven, determined and going full throttle every day to get our customers what they need, when they need it! Can you keep up?!
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foodguys' Travel Adventures


It's been a busy three weeks on the foodguys' travel front. Between attending multiple food shows/conferences, visiting different countries AND touring Olive Oil mills - our Sales Manager has returned with a ton of new knowledge, business prospects and ingredient sources to help better assist our customers! Take a peak at his trip!

< SupplySide West 2013 (Las Vegas, NV)
While attendance at the three-day show, Slade participated in a WUSATA conference with buyers from the UK! Highlights including meeting suppliers of Organic Coconut products from India and Organic Quinoa and Chia suppliers from Peru!
< Fi Europe (Frankfurt, Germany)
While searching for new foreign sources of ingredients at Fi Europe, Slade met suppliers of freeze-dried fruit/vegetables from Poland and Serbia AND Organic vegetables from Europe, with value added processing such as grilling and roasting!
Last, but certainly not least - Slade visited Tunisia, Africa to tour three Olive Oil Mills, featured below! Two mills specialize in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and one produces refined Olive Pomace Oil - foodguys now has direct sourcing relationships with all three mills to bring quality oil to the US at super competitive pricing! 
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