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New Year's Resolutions...
Two Weeks Later: Resolution Fails

Most people aren't successful in keeping their New Year's Resolutions - Luckily for YOU, foodguys aren't most people. 

Here are OUR 2014 resolutions:
  1. Partner with more international vendors
  2. Expand our foodguys sales team
  3. Expand our vendor base 
  4. Explore new industries
  5. Continue to bring you the best deals on food/beverage ingredients around the world!  
We're gearing up to have our best year yet in 2014; don't miss out on the opportunity to work, excel and succeed with us! Call your favorite foodguy today and start planning YOUR 2014 success story. 
foodguys Travel Adventures:
Being in the food industry, we know the best way to stay up-to-date with food trends, changes, processes and markets is to physically put ourself in the midst of these things. We make a point to travel all around the world to make sure we are the most knowledgeable, have the best partnerships and present YOU with the right deals, info and products, year round. 2014 is no exception. We're starting off the year with some exciting foodguys adventures: 
January:   The Men in Black Fashion Show!! Okay, Okay.. Not really. In                    January we'll have foodguys attending the Fancy Food show
February: Mac and Nick will be visiting the Gulfood Show in DUBAI! 
           Slade will also be traveling back to Germany in February, 
           paying a visit to Biofach
March:      Last but not least, we're very excited to take part in Expo 
                 West this March!

Don't forget - These food show adventures aren't just for our benefit... Let our travels help YOU! If you have products you're interested in, need pricing/volume information or have any type of inquiry... call your favorite foodguy today and we'll make sure to come home with all the answers/solutions to your questions and problems. 

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Madison Meyer



Marketing & Social Media Administrator


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Eat, Pray, Shop

What is one thing left on your bucket list?

Parachute out of an airplane


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Deep fried alligator 


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What's the oddest talent you have?

I can whistle for five minutes straight using circular breathing