Marketing  & Publicity Weekly Update
March 29, 2019
The Woman in the Park  9780825308994
  • ( 03/26) Selected as one of "The Most Anticipated Thrillers of Summer 2019) by Garrett Billings for She Reads.
RED Hotel  9780825308901
The Eighteenth Green  9780825308857

Address58 Broad St. Charleston, SC 29401

The Adventures of Bubba Jones (#3)  9780825308826
Unlikely Pilgrim  9780825308871
  • ( 03/23) Article  in RappNews about book. 
As I Saw It  9780825308420
  • ( 04/03) Author speaking to class at Emerson College (Multimedia Storytelling). 
Imprint  9781987915570
  • (06/21-06/22) Author will be presenting a workshop on "Exploring the Authentic Voice and Breaking the Silence: Writing Family Stories," and will be participating in the panel on "The Body As Muse" at The Chuckanut Writers Conference.
The Last Days Of Letterman  9781949024005
Address: 1395 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10128
The Changeling of Fenlen Forest  9781773370194
  • (03/22) Review from CM Magazine (Volume XXV - Issue 27):
Expect: " The Changeling of Fenlen Forest proves to be an entertaining and mysterious read, one that will engage audiences and encourage a second reading to discover more secrets of the forest. "
River Rules  9781732743472
"A colorful cast of characters unites to stop one of their own from exploiting a small New England town's land and water.

"Brock Saunders is a blight on the community of Bridgeville, Connecticut. After ripping off the town's farmers with a Ponzi scheme, he moved into the shadows, helping to facilitate the construction of an eyesore fuel-cell site and working as a consultant for the "New England Council Consortium," an organization out to monetize the land at the expense of its people. Peter Russo knows well what it's like to run afoul of Brock. Not only did he rob Peter's brother and father, but he also raped his dear friend Nancy, an assault she has never gotten over. Though still quite active in his 50s, Peter will have to look to his friends, family, and fellow townsfolk for aid as a conspiracy by Brock and the consortium to sell the area's water rights to the huge company Eautopia is slowly uncovered, a plot that the group is willing to kill to protect. Despite the high stakes of Fischer's debut thriller, the book is often quite lighthearted. Peter's "revenge" on Brock includes merely planting flowers around the ugly power station, and he's aided in his fight with colorful characters ranging from a part-time private investigator, yoga-obsessed British ex-police officer to an obnoxiously loud ambulance chaser of a lawyer. Peter's other allies are fully drawn individuals dealing with many of the modern challenges familiar to small communities; his niece, Rachel, is attempting to stay clean after opioid addiction; his ex Carmen, whom he still holds a torch for, lost her daughter to similar challenges; and most of the community suffers under a bureaucratic kleptocracy that isn't answerable to its neighbors. Chapters are short but never rushed, and the dialogue is natural and funny, slang-filled and prone to friendly swearing and good-natured insults between close friends. As with any small town, there's a lot of history to cover both about the area and among the characters, but even this is introduced organically, with details left to be fleshed out later on, feeding the story's intrigue.

"Modern economic scheming versus provincial loyalty makes for an endearing thriller."
Victoria Falls  9780999076699
Excerpt: "In its exploration of American male stereotypes and in its suggestion of vulnerability as a key to masculine authenticity, "Victoria Falls" embraces those humane qualities of love, kindness, and creativity that had been extolled as the provenance of soul-searching women but have been largely ignored about men in American fiction."
Symbol or Substance?  9781621642756
  • (03/25) Discerning Hearts posted its interview with author.
  • (04/16) Interview scheduled with Wake Up; live phone interview 8:23 am (ET). 
  • (04/16) Interview scheduled with Live Hour; live phone interview, 8:40 am (ET). 
  • (04/25) Interview scheduled with The Eric Metaxas Show
Knight of the Holy Ghost  9780999375648
The Papacy  9781621642169
  • (04/16) Interview scheduled with This is the Day; live Skype interview, 10:40 am (ET). 
The Great Discovery  9781621642220
Doors in the Walls of the World  9781621642282
Expert : "In finishing it I felt as if Kreeft had whapped me in the head with The Stick of Transcendence. No matter how well we know the Christian story, or how firm our belief in it, Kreeft helps us see it and understand it in exhilarating ways. This is the story of The Story."

From Fire, by Water  9781621642022

Spirit Baby  9781949021455
Address1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Address: 350 East Horsetooth Road, Fort collins, CO 80525
Address2999 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301
  • (05/05) Book Launch Party at Book Bar from 4-6 pm. 
Address4280 Tennyson Street Denver, CO 80212
We, the Wildflowers  9781633921115

Midpoint Spotted in the Wild
Agency Mania (Beaufort Books 9780825308963) spotted at Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle on March 15, 2019.
Authors Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller at Vroman's Bookstore with their new book Red Hotel (Beaufort Books 9780825308901) on March 21.

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City of Champion
Ginger Snaps
The Embassy
I Shall Live
Live a Life You Love
Notes from Underground
Agency Mania
Four Boots-One Journey
Long Live Freedom!

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Precious Pawn 9780991121571 3.99 2.99
SNAFU and Other Stories 9780991121595
2.99 1.99
Freaks of Nature 9781633920071
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One of the Guys 9781939392640
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Hello? 9781633920507
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Pull 9781633920460
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Play On 9781939392602
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Finn's Choice
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Swimming to Tokyo 9781939392336
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Reclaimed 9781937053895
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Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo
2.99 2.99