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Are You Ready to Get Back to Work? 



We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation and you're feeling
Back to work
ready to get back to your daily routine.
Getting back on track after the light summer schedule can be quite a challenging task. 
As we know, it might be hard to get motivated when returning to work. We would like to take this opportunity to offer you some tips for easing into the hectic work schedule:
  1. Ease back into it - don't try to squeeze in everything you missed all at once.
  2. Organize your life on the first day back - clean any clutter created when you were gone to feel less overwhelmed.
  3. Don't eat lunch at your desk - leave the office to help clear your mind.  
  4. Hang some pictures at your workstation from your vacation to help you remember the great time you had.
  5. Plan the next time off - plan a weekend off or even a fun evening with your friends and family. 
In the meantime, we are welcoming you to check out our August newsletter featuring a new case study, describing the implementation of the DataNet solution at Sharp Manufacturing, Poland, one of the leading LCD TV production plants in Poland. In addition, we would like to give you a sneak peek of our upcoming software and firmware releases.

Enjoy the issue,


DataNet Solution - Wireless Monitoring Network in an Electronics Production Plant 

Application: LCD TV  Production Plant  

Organization Sharp Manufacturing Poland (SMPL)  SHARP Case Study


About the Customer  
Sharp Manufacturing Poland is Sharp's production base in Poland, and was established as a new company in 2007 near the city of Torun.
The company produces parts and assembles modern TV sets (LCD), which are  sold across all European countries.

DataNet Implementation 
  • After measuring the radio signal, 6 units of DNR800 repeaters were applied in order to construct a transmission-backbone across the entire hall.
  • The obtained network was very stable and allowed  the customer to freely move 12 units of DNL810-BXT (measuring temperature and humidity) loggers to control different parts of the hall, while some of the loggers are stationary the other are movable. 
  • The daily, weekly and monthly automatically generated PDF reports are emailed to around twenty quality control staff and managers in the company. 
Upcoming Releases

 Coming Soon

September will see the release of a new DataSuite software  version as well as a new firmware for the MicroLite II USB data loggers


The DataSuite release will include a number of improvements and fixes as well as new features such as the addition of a Gmail-based email account for sending alarm notifications via email and Boomerang reports, and a streamlined first-time software setup mechanism.  

The Gmail account uses port 465 which will make it easier to send DataSuite emails, compared to the existing default email account which uses port 25, increasingly blocked by ISPs in order to prevent spam mail.
The MicroLite II firmware will include new features such as battery level indication on LCD screen, LED alarm indication, and other enhancements to the LCD screen in addition to various fixes.  


More details will be provided upon release and as always, all releases will be available for updating via the DataSuite software or the fourtec website.

Fourtec R&D is working on further exciting updates to its existing product functionality, planned for release before the end of 2012. Stay tuned to future newsletters for more information. 

Issue 8
August 2012
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Are You Ready to Get Back to Work?
DataNet Solution - Wireless Monitoring Network in an Electronics Production Plant
Upcoming Releases
Tip of the Month - Temperature Monitoring in Refrigerated Environments
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Temperature Monitoring in Refrigerated Environments

When measuring temperature inside a refrigerator or freezer e.g. to monitor medicines, vaccines, perishable food, etc. you may encounter rapid changes in the temperature readings due to opening of the fridge/freezer door. A practical solution to this problem, in order to insulate from these temperature changes, is to place the temperature sensor, connected to a fourtec data logger, in a sealed bottle containing nontoxic glycol. By maintaining stable readings, you will also reduces the number of alarms recorded by the logger.