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New Year - New Tradition

We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and
returned filled with enthusiasm to achieve your goals and pursue new New Year 2012challenges in 2012.
One of fourtec's new year's resolutions is to improve the line of communication with our distributors and prospects and be more connected to the "field". Hence, we decided to start a new tradition and send a monthly newsletter to our distributors' network and prospects, presenting case studies, new features and product releases, upcoming events and interesting industry news.
We would be very happy to receive your feedback and to hear about your first hand experiences with our solutions.
Here is to a GREAT 2012!


DataSuite Release v2.0.1.8 DataSuite Software
The latest DataSuite release includes a number of new features and fixes.
To update your existing DataSuite installation, just go to Help > Check for Updates in the DataSuite main menu.
New users can visit the fourtec Download Center to download this software with a 30 day trial.
The full Release Notes is also available on the Download Center.
New Features:
  • DataSuite Reports now support temperature display in Fahrenheit.
  • Celsius defined as the default temperature unit of the DataSuite software.
  • Offline DataNet Receiver Alarm Email and SMS notification text body, now include details of the DataNet Network Name.
  • Improved USB detection of fourtec devices via DataSuite software.

Bug Fixes:

  • Boomerang Report could be configured even if an email contact was not defined.
  • Improved response time of the DataSuite software Registration window.
  • Offset calibration for the PT-100 sensor in DataNet and DaqLink modules was not functioning.
  • Add Custom View feature in Graph (History) view wasn't functioning.
  • Sensor calibration using values with more than one numeral after the decimal point was not supported.
 MicroLite Solution Case Study



Application: Temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical productsMicroLite II with internal Temp/ RH
Organization: Leading global pharmaceutical company
In order to secure the integrity of sensitive materials, pharmaceutical companies today are obligated to comply to the highest industry standards, due to increased regulatory in pharmaceutical cold chain processes  


 About the Customer:
Among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world, this organization specializes in the development, production and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals and active ingredients. 


Key Customer Challenges:

  • Delay in receiving needed data from the monitored shipments and sometimes lost data, as the company had to wait for the logger to be returned from the recipient.
  • Tight packaging requires a compact logger that meets minimal space allowances.
  • A simple solution that could be activated automatically and enables alarm indication during the shipment.

MicroLite with internal temp/RH 

Issue 1
January 2012
In This Issue
New Year - New Tradition
DataSuite Release v2.0.1.8
MicroLite Solution - Case Study
fourtec Project News
MicroLite II Release
fourtec Project News
DataNet System Bundle
Only months after being established, fourtec has already begun deployment of a large scale DataNet project. DataNet wireless systems are currently being installed by a governmental healthcare organization in 700 doctors' clinics for online vaccine temperature monitoring.
Additional information will be provided in due course, upon project completion.
A formal case study detailing all aspects of this pioneering project will be released in a forthcoming newsletter.

fourtec will be more than happy to support you in implementing similar projects.


Click here to learn more about the DataNet Solution

MicroLite II Release 
MicroLite II Release
we would like to remind you of the recent
official release of the new MicroLite II data loggers, with complimentary DataSuite software.
The next generation MicroLite II USB data logger comes in several models, supporting the following measurements:
  • Temperature (internal sensor)
  • Temperature/RH (internal sensors)
  • External Temperature sensor input
  • External 4-20 mA input
  • External 0-10 V input
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A new price list 
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