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And The Heat Goes On...  



Do you also have a feeling that this summer is hotter than  normal? 


You are right! July 2012 featured record temperatures in many areas of the world.

These extreme temperatures have had a dramatic effect on water resources, agriculture and energy consumption and have set new challenges for logistics companies and other controlled industrial environments, required to cope with these difficult conditions and comply with the high standards to which they are obligated. 


fourtec's product suite offer solutions for the increasing need for temperature monitoring in conditions of extreme heat. Applications involving perishable goods are at an especially high risk in such conditions and require stringent and reliable monitoring with alarm notifications. fourtec is facing growing customer demand for our solutions in various logistics applications, such as warehousing or transportation, where maintaining the cold chain is essential.


In this issue, we will feature a new case study, describing the implementation of the DataNet Solution in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Poland. In addition, we are releasing a new Quick Start Guide for the PicoLite disposable USB data logger.
Keep cool and enjoy the issue,



DataNet - Wireless Monitoring in one of the Leading Pharma Companies in Poland  

Application: Pharmaceutical production and storage

Organiztion Polpharma Pharmaceuitical


About the Customer  
Polpharma Case Study imagePolpharma Pharmaceutical Works S.A is an international company that operates in Central and Eastern Europe,  the Caucasus and Central Asia for more than 75 years. The company focuses on supplying top quality pharmaceuticals to its customers. In 2011, the company was ranked as the biggest pharmaceutical company in Poland in terms of total income and production volume. 
DataNet Implementation 
A DataNet system with the DataSuite software was implemented. To build a complete system for monitoring temperature and humidity the loggers (DNL810-BXT, with internal RH/Temperature sensors) were spread among several places within the large building on three levels. The monitored points include laboratories, laboratory equipment, warehouses, climate chambers, in addition to sample and document archives.
To ensure a stable transmission network, the system includes 25 loggers and 8 repeaters. A GSM USB modem was connected to the DataSuite software to enable SMS notifications. Customized PDF reports are sent via email to a defined distribution list.
PicoLite Quick Start Guide
PicoLite Quick Start Guide 








Now available for download in PDF format from the fourtec website, the PicoLite Quick Start Guide provides first-time PicoLite users with everything you need to know to get the logger and free DataSuite software up and running. We also include one print-out, in double-sided A4 format, with each PicoLite shipment of 100 units. Distributors with access to the secure download center can also find  the Microsoft Word � version available shoud you need to modify the format or translate it for local distribution.
We will also release a quick start guide for other products such as the MicroLite in the near future.


Click to download PicoLite QSG

Check Out Our Updated Brochures 
We have recently updated a selection of our product brochures and updated them on our website.
fourtec distributors with access to the secure Distributor Download Center can also download the open source and print-ready versions of all fourtec brochures, including these updated versions.
Click the links below for Web-ready PDF versions:
Product Overview Brochure - Presenting a brief overview of all fourtec data logging solutions.
DataNet Brochure - Presenting our wireless, multi-unit data acquisition system.
MicoLite Brochure - Presenting our multi-trip, USB data logger.
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Issue 7
July 2012
In This Issue
And The Heat Goes On
DataNet - Wireless Monitoring in one of the Leading Pharma Companies in Poland
PicoLite Quick Start Guide
Check Out Our Updated Brochures
Tip of the Month - Disabling the Mini DataNet Device Filter
Tip of the Month
Disabling the Mini DataNet Device Filter

Up until DataSuite v2.0.6.0, Mini DataNet users had to manually enter the device serial number in the Mini DataNet Device Filter, otherwise it wouldn't be able to join your DataNet network.
To help speed up your Mini DataNet implementation, especially when many devices are involved, from v2.0.6.0 (released last month), we added the ability to disable this device filter. When disabled, any Mini DataNet device can freely join any network in range, even if you haven't entered its serial number in DataSuite. To disable the filter, simply unselect the Use Filter checkbox in the Device Filter window (default is enabled). We do recommend using the filter if you are running multiple networks, so the device won't join the wrong network.
Please consult the latest DataSuite User Guide for more details.

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Recent Updates to the Secured Distributor Download Center:

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  • PicoLite Quick Start Guide
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