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In our July issue, we present a new case study describing how Fourtec's MicroLite data loggers provide an ideal solution for monitoring temperature and humidity conditions of valuable art during transportation, storage and display.
In addition, a new MicroLogPRO II quick start guide is available for download, to help first-time users get a head start on operating the product.

And finally, in our regular Market News slot, you can read an interesting CNN news item regarding the FDA's proposal for new safety rules on importing food to the USA. 

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MicroLite Solution - Securing Shipment of a Valuable Art
Application:  Temperature and humidity monitoring of fine art  Frame
Organization: A leading museum of modern and contemporary art


In today's global village, works of art are often loaned from one museum's collection to another museum, located in another country. The importance of securing the correct environmental conditions of these precious and sometimes even priceless exhibits is further increased during shipment between museums as well as during storage and eventually, display.

About the Customer:  
A leading museum of modern and contemporary art, displaying permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in a wide array of types - paintings, prints and drawings, photography, video, sculptures, architecture and design. 
Key Customer Challenges: 

            A painting worth millions of dollars needed to be shipped to a large European exhibition, where it was going to be displayed for three months in a church.

            The environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) of the painting during the transportation process as well as throughout the duration of the exhibition must be monitored, to ensure it is kept in adequate conditions.

            The packaging in which the painting was going to be shipped in had already been built before it was decided to add the data logger. Thus, a compact logger that meets minimal space allowances was required.

            The museum required a simple solution that could be activated automatically and enables alarm indications during the shipment and exhibition.

            Acclimatization - when the painting arrives to its destination, it is required to wait for the temperature inside the packaging to be similar to the external ambient temperature. This could be done by implementing a data logging device with a USB cable pointing out of the box for external PC connection, thereby enabling an informed decision to be made. In the past, the box was opened 24 hours after its arrival, without any certainty that acclimatization has already occurred.


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MicroLogPRO II Quick Start Guide

Following release of the PicoLite and MicroLite quick start guides earlier this year, the MicroLogPRO II quick start guide is now available for download. We highly recommend first-time users of this product to read the guide to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. All key features and specifications are listed, as well as steps for installing the DataSuite software and configuring the logger.
Click here to download the MicroLogPRO II Quick Start Guide.
For any additional questions regarding this product you can always contact our support team. If you are interested in more detailed  documentation, read the DataSuite user guide, which also includes sections on operating the MicroLogPRO II.
Market News

FDA proposes new safety rules on imported food    


Published: July 26th, 2013  

Source: CNN  

By: Matt Sloane

The Food and Drug Administration is trying to achieve a safer U.S. food supply by implementing two new rules regulating food imported to the United States.

The first rule would put the burden on U.S. food importers to ensure their foreign suppliers are meeting U.S. food safety standards.
The second would establish provisions for certifying third-party auditors in these countries.

"Many of the most vulnerable commodities are coming from countries with less-mature systems in terms of regulatory oversight and farming practices," FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg said. "This is an opportunity to help build regulatory capacity and improve safety standards."

With 15% of the U.S. food supply coming from overseas, including 20% of fresh vegetables and 50% of fresh fruit, Hamburg said these regulations are long overdue.

"These regulations represent a shift toward prevention and for industry being responsible for documenting what they have done to prevent problems from occurring," said Michael Taylor, the FDA deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine. 

The proposed rules come in response to the Food Safety Modernization Act, signed into law in January 2011.

Fourtec offers data logging solutions that enable 
monitoring throughout the supply chain and complying with the FDA's food safety regulations. 
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