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March is the last month of the first quarter and the beginning of Spring, a great time to re-examine your goals and establish the necessary steps to perfect your sales performance.

In our efforts to better serve our distributors and customers, we are always thinking of specific solutions to suit different applications. There is nothing like an application description to fully grasp the benefits of any solution, and we are doing our best to bring you as many case studies as possible. We hope they can help to broaden the markets and opportunities in which you operate and therefore increase your sales of fourtec products.

In our March issue we present a case study displaying the significant contribution of the DataNet solution to the bottom line of Agri Star, a company based in the Midwestern United States, processing and distrusting meat and poultry products.

We wish you a wonderful Spring! 

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Case Study - DataNet Solution Monitoring Poultry Transportation

Application : Poultry and beef production facility
Organization: Agri Star Meat and Poultry, LLC  
 Poultry transport


Poultry plants require high investments throughout the poultry production cycle. From the point that the egg is incubated and then hatches, and during the first 6-7 weeks of the chick's life until it is transported to the production plant and becomes a saleable product. If something occurs specifically during the transportation process, this represents a real financial loss for the company. In their attempt to prevent yield lost and poultry DOA (Death On Arrival), poultry plants seek a solution that will assist in controlling the process and knowing which customizations must be made to ensure an efficient process.    

DataNet Implementation: 

A DataNet system including a data logger + 3 external sensors was placed inside 12 separate trucks transporting live poultry from the farm to the production facility. Each system is used to monitor the poultry transportation life cycle.

When the truck arrives to its destination at the processing facility, the data is automatically downloaded to the computer and the information can be viewed and analyzed via the DataSuite software by the relevant onsite personnel.

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DataSuite and DatPass CFR v4.0 Release

This month saw the release of DataSuite, which includes the new CFR module providing FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy to your DataSuite installation. When activated, the CFR module places the entire DataSuite software in CFR mode, requiring user login with a unique user ID and password, and applying permissions to all actions within the software. User accounts and permissions are all managed using the accompanying DatPass Admin software, now updated to v4.0 to support DataSuite.
Activate both your CFR module and DatPass using a purchased user license, or just try it out using the 30-day free trial period. Once your trial ends, DataSuite reverts to a non-CFR environment.
Of course, the CFR module supports all fourtec hardware operated by the DataSuite software.

For DataSuite Release Notes, click here.
For DatPass v4.0 Release Notes, click here.

And remember, you can migrate existing DataNet installations  to DataSuite, retaining your old data files.

Existing users of DatPass v2.0 and DataNet CFR software wishing to upgrade their installation to DatPass v4.0 and DataSuite CFR can do so. When running the new DatPass v4.0 software, you will be given the option to use your existing database, letting you continue with your DatPass Audit Trail. As the new DatPass is activated by a user license and not by a USB security dongle as before, you must also contact to obtain your new license code.
Issue 3
March 2012
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It's Springtime!
Case Study - DataNet Solution Monitoring Poultry Transportation
DataSuite and DatPass CFR v4.0 Release
Tip of the Month - Check for Updates
DataSuite and DatPass Language Packs
Tip of the Month

Check For Updates

To ensure your DataSuite software and supported hardware is always running the latest available software or firmware release, we strongly recommend using the Check for Updates feature in the DataSuite Help menu.
Simply configure this feature to check at a predefined interval e.g. weekly, and you will be notified of any relevant updates.
Just as important is to check for updates following installation.  

Release of DataSuite and DatPass Language Packs 

To help push regional sales, in the coming weeks we plan to support both DataSuite and DatPass software in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. Each new language pack will be available for download directly via the DataSuite software. Additional languages will be released in the months to follow.

Achema Exhibition website
We would like to remind you that fourtec is going to take part in the next
show, which will be held June 18-22 in Frankfurt, Germany. Be sure to stop by the fourtec booth (Hall 4.2, Stand P43).  
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