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It's almost time to pull back the curtains 



May is a hectic month here at fourtec, with the preparations for the large ACHEMA exhibition and the upcoming official release of our new PicoLite solution.


In this issue we would like to focus on the the PicoLite solution, a portable, low cost, disposable USB logger, designed for temperature monitoring throughout mass transportation cold chain processes, offering comprehensive data analysis features and alarm notifications.

We can't wait for the ACHEMA 2012 exhibition, the world forum of the process industry, chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology,  taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, between June 18-22.
Be sure to stop by our booth (Hall 4.2 Stand P43) and get a chance to have a sneak-peek at the PicoLite data logger.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ACHEMA exhibition.

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Case Study: MicroLite External NTC for Controlling Pasteurization Process   


Application: Food Production Plant


Organization: Intergata Food Industries 


About the Customer  

Intergata Food Industries specializes in producing additives, fillings and ingredients for the confectionery industry. The company has a large selection of high quality fillings, chocolate spreads and glazing, using advanced techniques and technologies to achieve the maximum satisfaction of their customers. Intergata's customers include international brand names such as: Pillsbury, Nestle and Unilever.  

MicroLite Implementation: 
Intergata added fourtec's MicroLite External NTC temperature data logger to the machine's existing controller. The temperature of the production process is monitored by the MicroLite device, which is connected to a NTC temperature probe. After each stage of the production process ends, the MicroLite device is connected via USB to the computer and a PDF report is generated using the license-free DataSuite software. The report provides the customer with the required documented proof that the Pasteurization procedure was carried out according to required standards. The DataSuite software indicates if there are any deviations from the defined standards. 


PicoLite Solution  


This month sees the release of the latest addition to the fourtec product family, the compact PicoLite disposable USB temperature data logger. We are particularly excited about the potential of this product, as it creates many new opportunities for largscale projects in the food and pharmaceutical mass transportation industries, for example, where low cost, disposal loggers are in great demand. By offering an attractive profit margin especially for high volume orders, we predict that the PicoLite will help drive sales throughout the vast fourtec distribution network.  


The PicoLite is a welcome addition to the existing fourtec portfolio, which can now boast a new player in the disposal logger arena. Coupled with the patent pending * Boomerang feature (automatic email delivery of PDF data report), the PicoLite offers end-users an immediate and effective temperature monitoring solution throughout the cold chain process.

The Picolite is supported by our powerful DataSuite analysis  software, and is license-free for all customers, with no limit on number of onsite installations. DataSuite's unified database allows viewing of PicoLite data together with data from other fourtec products, which may already be used by the end-user. DataSuite is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, when packaged together with our well established DatPass Admin software (user license is required). 


PicoLite's direct USB interface means no extra cables or docking stations are required in order to connect to the PC, and battery life of up to 6 months exceeds most standard application requirements in the disposal logger market. 16,000 sample cyclic memory with sampling rate of once per minute to once every 18 hours is sufficient for long-term logging, and in the event of an alarm a LED alarm indicator is included onboard. The PicoLite's internal temperature sensor, with an accuracy of 0. 5 �C, is shipped pre-calibrated, although two-point and offset calibration is also supported via the DataSuite software. A Declaration of Accuracy certificate is available on the fourtec website and certified calibration certificates may also be provided upon order.    


Please contact your fourtec sales rep for more information on the PicoLite USB logger. 


Please click here for the PicoLite Brochure.   


Note for Distributors
Distributors with access to the secured Distributor Download Center will soon be able to download a PicoLite Sales presentation as well as high resolution product images (you will be informed when available). Open source files of the product brochure are already available on the DDC.

* Patent Pending (US SN: 13/433,432)    
Issue 5
May 2012
In This Issue
It's almost time to pull back the curtains
MicroLite External NTC - For Controlling Pasteurization Process
PicoLite Solution
Tip of the Month - Smooth DataSuite Software Installation & Activation
Tip of the Month
Smooth DataSuite Software Installation & Activation

Tip 1
Reminder that the 2nd generation MicroLite II data loggers (PN: LITE5008P, 50032P, 5032P-RH, 5032P-4/20, 5032P-V, 5032P-EXT) are supported by the DataSuite software only, and not by MicroLab Lite, which supports the 1st generation MicroLite (PN: LITE5008, 5016). DataSuite for MicroLite II is license-free and is available on the fourtec download center

Tip 2
The 21 CFR Part 11 compliant DataSuite software CD package includes separate installations of DataSuite and DatPass Admin software. Both the DataSuite and DatPass Admin software must be activated in order to run beyond the 30-day free trial period.
DataSuite requires activation per module purchased. For example, if you purchased DataSuite to operate the DataNet system, in a CFR compliant environment, you must activate both the DataNet and CFR modules within DataSuite, as well as DatPass. Each DataSuite module has a unique license key, which is found on the CD packaging together with the DatPass key.
Contact our Support Department for more info on software installation and activation. 
Achema Exhibition website
We would like to remind you that fourtec is going to take part in the next ACHEMA 
show, held June 18-22 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Be sure to stop by the fourtec booth (Hall 4.2, Stand P43).  
For additional information and to schedule a meeting with our Sales team during the exhibition, please