Bill DeMaine likes working with people who enjoy taking good care of their homes. DeMaine provides high-quality window cleaning and interior painting.

"We enjoy serving customers in a service capacity where most customers find it difficult to accomplish these tasks. We service people with premium quality work, we have a track record of quality and exceptional service. We pay attention to the details," DeMaine said.

DeMaine has been coaching with ActionCOACH for a couple of years. He started coaching because he found out how difficult it was to "go it alone" as a business owner.

DeMaine enjoys the comradery of coaching and having a peer group in group coaching that he can run ideas by.

"Since I’ve been with ActionCOACH, I've learned how to develop systems for my business that covers all of the bases from culture to vision - for hiring, for measurement. I knew nothing about these important facets of business until coming to ActionCOACH," he said.