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Paul Carlson with P.F. Chang’s
Darla Klovski with LegalShield - Independent Associate

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Interview with Paul Carlson
P.F. Chang’s
AC: Tell us about your business.
PC: We are a scratch kitchen that serves dishes from all over Asia including Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese. We make the dishes individually from scratch. We opened up in 2006.

AC: Who is your target customer?
PC: We mainly focus on families, but there tend to be lots of date nights, and we have a good business district downtown for daytime meals. Our biggest targets are those who are on dates and celebrations.

AC: What has been the greatest impact of covid-19 on your business?
PC: Traffic would be the biggest impact. With Amazon here, the brick and mortar locations are closing. We have been seeing a lot of increase in online orders and less traffic driving by the restaurant. People can order online and then eat at home. We saw a 300% spike increase in take-out orders.

AC: What are one or two actions you have taken to make a difference?
PC: We advertised online for 3rd party takeout and delivery. We also ran online specials.

AC: What is one mistake you have made along the way that other people can learn from?
PC: Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t ever take staff or sales for granted in business. I always pretend I’m behind the 8 ball. Study the industry and what others are doing. I have always appreciated my staff- they have been great! Always push yourself to do better – it comes to holding yourself to high standards. 

AC: What is inspiring to you today?
PC: To be better than yesterday. How can I be better today, then the next day. The restaurant business is perfect if you want the same thing but different every day. There is always a new challenge or problem to solve and I like that. Evaluate yesterday, plan for tomorrow, and execute today!

Paul Carlson

Interview with Darla Klovski 
LegalShield - Independent Associate

AC: Tell us about your business.
DK: LegalShield provides people and businesses access to top-rated attorneys through our legal service plans. Business plans provide important and necessary services to businesses from $49 to $169 per month. With businesses doing more online business than ever, cybercrime has become a huge concern. IDShield for Business addresses one of the top issues keeping small business owners up at night: How to mitigate risk and recover from a cyber attack. LegalShield has been in business since 1972 (49 years) and I have been with them for 21 years.  

AC: Who is your target customer?
DK: Our target audience is companies with 100 employees or less. We are ideal for smaller businesses that may have the same legal needs as big businesses but not the big business budget. We can and do work with businesses as small as 5 or even fewer employees. I love knowing that I can help those businesses! I work with all types of manufacturing companies, service companies, construction, trucking, medical, School districts, States, Counties, and City government just to give you an idea.  

AC: What has been the greatest impact of covid-19 on your business?
DK: I'm used to going out in person. The bulk of my business over the years has been the result of meeting someone in person at a networking event or dropping by their business. So not being able to do that was a challenge. I also think most of us expected things to go back to normal in a short period. Well here we are over a year later and we're still not there. So having to develop other ways of connecting has been a challenge. Along those same lines, I'm used to doing enrollment presentations for my employee groups in person. I've never done them any other way. So learning to do those on Zoom was interesting. I still love doing my enrollment presentations in person but it's good to know that I can do them on Zoom and still get results.  

AC: What are one or two actions you have taken to make a difference?
DK: Again, doing zoom presentations. Also getting better at connecting with people on the phone. I love some of the things I've learned during this time. I think I've become more efficient and effective. I have also been doing Will Workshops for my clients and soon will be doing membership on-boarding. Finding ways to add value and help people maximize the benefits of their plans is important. I love hearing how we are helping!  

AC: What is one mistake you have made along the way that other people can learn from?
DK: I think the biggest mistake I made during this time was not "adapting" quick enough. One thing I have learned is that everything always changes. Learning how to adapt to those changes is critical! Just because you have always done something a "certain way" doesn't mean you should keep doing it that way! Another thing is not giving up...there is always a way to do something! And when it comes to working with businesses things change there too. What wasn't a fit for a company at one time might be a fit for them later.  

AC: What is inspiring to you today?
DK: I represent an amazing company...LegalShield pivoted immediately to doing things online. As a result, our company has thrived and we are now starting to experience some explosive growth. We have some incredible marketing associates all over the country.  Many of them have embraced the changes we have and are continuing to experience and they teach what they have learned to all of us. It was hard for some of us who are a little older and not that into technology. I also love the stories of local entrepreneurs who have created a unique business to fill a need that perhaps wasn't there before.  

OFFER: We do have a limited-time offer...we have an excellent legal plan and pricing for employees that we can make available up to July 1st, 2021. 
Darla Klovski 
(509) 262-0209

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