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Upcoming Events:
GrowthClub - September 24, 2021 (This Week!)
ActionCLUB - Starting October 6, 2021
Seminar Lunch + Learn - October 14, 2021

Kendal Cler Team Support Specialist

Ara Lyman with Shala Young Living`

Facebook Live - Coach Kendra
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GrowthCLUB Update
Pre-work was sent out last week and it will serve you well to have it completed before Friday. Kendal will be sending the complete workbook by Thursday so that you’ll have time to look it over before we jump into the heat of battle.
There has been a positive case of COVID-19 in our building, with signs indicating another person in their office also infected. While neither of these cases involve the ActionCOACH team directly, one of their co-workers spent some time in our office in the last few days. Out of an over-abundance of caution, we are pivoting GrowthCLUB to be virtual for (hopefully) the last time.
The entire ActionCOACH team has been planning, gearing up, and SO excited to host GrowthCLUB in person this quarter, so we certainly share in the major disappointment some of you may be experiencing! Our caution is not driven by percentages of the population vaccinated or not, but more so by the threat of one of our attendees contracting this virus and not being able to receive proper medical care and/or recovery. Pivoting in this direction is truly about the wellbeing of our clients, our guests, and our team.
We understand that some registrants are ‘Zoomed out’…so are we. However, we also know that regardless of in-person or virtual, this planning day can be critical for your success in wrapping up 2021 on target or ahead of your business goals.
Due to this pivot, we are shortening the event by 2.5 hours (will be from 9am-12pm) but will be packing in more quality time for what is most important…YOUR GOALS AND STRATEGIES. This quarter’s GrowthCLUB has been re-tooled to provide networking and educational opportunities while allotting even more time for ACTIVE 90-DAY PLANNING FOR YOUR BUSINESS. This is an event you will not want to miss!
Now that physical space is not a limitation, you can now bring more of your team together for this event! From the comforts of your office, you can use this opportunity for a team and business building event! If you know of any other business owners who would benefit from hyper-focusing on their next 90-days of business goals and strategy, invite them! Simply let us know their name, business name, email address, and phone number, and we will make sure to reach out to them a.s.a.p.!
While this situation is not ideal, it is something we must use to propel greatness instead of using it as a crutch for excuses.
As always, we are here to serve and guide through rough waters, because legendary captains of boats and business are not created in the safety of the ‘harbor’ but in developing their skills when challenges arise.
Should you have any questions, please reach out to any of your ActionCOACH Northwest Team!
Quote of the week:
"The water is never too deep if you know how to swim"
Jim Reincke
Current & Future Events:
Q4 Planning
Sign up today! September 24, 2021.
Free to clients, only $149 per company.

October = Lunch + Learn
From Passion to Profit: 7 Steps to Sucess!
When: October 14, 2021
Where: SHBA Building
Large Conference Room
Networking + Lunch: 11:30AM, Seminar: 12PM - 1:30PM
Link to Register: Here
Spotlighting individuals that work with and alongside us!

Kendal Cler Team Support Specialist

Kendal brings a positive, can-do attitude to the team, and is a main point of contact for those interested in contacting ActionCOACH Northwest. With her B.A. in Technical Communication and M.S. in Cultural and Organizational Communication from Eastern Washington University, Kendal is geared to provide consistent and clear communication and create technical documents, PowerPoints, and graphics as needed. Kendal happily lives with her boyfriend and their three cats, Olive, Selena, and Molli, in the Spokane region.

Ara Lyman with Shala Young Living

Ara lives in Spokane Washington with her three boys and partner Jon Swanstrom. She is the proud owner of The Spokane Yoga Shala. She has a 200hr certification through The Yoga School of Spokane, a 350hr certification through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio, a private Baptiste training with Rhea Slichter, a 200hr Radiant Body Kundalini certification from Kia Miller, and a 200hr KRI level 1 certification with Guru Singh and Sada Simran. Ara has also completed a level 1 and 3 sound healing certification with Geoffrey Torkington. She is currently completing her 300hr course with Kia Miller. She is also an accomplished artist with an AFA from Spokane Falls Community College.
Ara’s initial experience with yoga was very physical. In 2002 after experiencing painful tendonitis in her hamstrings, she sought yoga as relief. Within her first month of regular practice, she knew yoga would always be a part of her life. She began her practice in 2002 as a student of Alison Rubin at Harmony Yoga in Spokane. Alison’s teachings in the Iyengar style continue to influence her instruction. Adherence to precision, finding a healthy sustainable way of accessing the postures, and respect for the roots and philosophy of yoga. Her yoga practice and teachings now encompass much more than the physical body, but she understands that creating a deep connection to the physical layer of being can be a gateway to connecting to oneself.
In addition to weekly classes, she leads teacher training, yoga immersions, and the occasional festival workshop. In Ara’s classes, expect intuitively themed weekly sequences, to sing mantras, to sweat, to be safely physically challenged, to smile, to find your natural rhythm, to connect deeply with your breath, and to relax into a sound bath savasana with Himalayan bowls and the gong.
Ara Lyman
(509) 919-9940 

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Facebook Live - With Coach Kendra
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