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Jennifer Ferrero with Ferrero Agency - Part 2

Bill Brewer with National Barricade
Alan Davis with Proteus Consulting

Facebook - How to Attract the Right Employee - Seminar
Useful Business Thought of the Week - Abundance
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“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”
–Elon Musk
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Spotlight Part 2
Spotlighting individuals that work with and alongside us!

Jennifer Ferrero
Ferrero Agency

Why did you choose your industry? Becoming a writer and interviewer chose me at the tender age of 17. Asking questions, doing research, and interviewing people has always been a part of my background. Going into Communications with my college education was a perfect fit. I have spent my career in a focused manner always building upon my skills in communications, public relations, and marketing. I love to publish articles and content.
What is your style of leadership? To understand the requirements of the client or boss, and to provide them with good information to make decisions. I am logistically minded and quite organized, so my goal is to create organized projects that are easy to use and make sense to people.
What is your favorite quote? “So much time and so little to do. Scratch that, reverse it.” Willy Wonka

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Interview Bill Brewer with National Barricade

National Barricade and sign co, is a rental and sales company for highway safety equipment. They also do sign manufacturing, and like to consider themselves a “Mini Home Depot”. They have over 2000 products in our inventory, and if they don’t have it, they'll get it! National Barricade was established in 1958.
When looking at their ideal target market Brewer shares "We like to think ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS are the best! Although we like the Large Contractors that can buy or rent big orders, we still take care of our smaller customers". National Barricade's main target customers are Counties, Cities, and DOT’s Highway Contractors.
During the pandemic, National Barricade was deemed an essential Business. They provide large amounts of signs, cones, and safety items for the workers out there. Although their business excelled tremendously during this time, other parts of business did suffer. Such as Bloomsday, Lilac, Spokane County Fair, and Hoopfest events were canceled. 
It is always important to take action when owning a business. Brewer shared that his number one action was "PRAY- My wife and I are God-fearing people. We lean on our Lord and Savior and seek the wisdom and guidance we need to run this business the best and most efficient way". Since they have owned the business, Brewer has worked to build a solid team! They have great employees and trust in them, and their abilities to help run this company.
We all learn new things when working on a business. Brewer learned that it is important to have your own attorneys and CPAs early on in the process of buying a company. Along with this making sure that you have the right team members working for you!
What is inspiring Bill today? – "Knowing that what we do every day to help Cities, Counties, Contractors and just the everyday person that comes in and needs the items we provide- to us that is inspirational. So I would really have to say we are living the great American Dream as business owners."
Bill Brewer
(509) 534-2619
Interview Alan Davis with Proteus Consulting

Proteus Consulting opened around June of 2013 and span from North Carolina to California to Washington State. Proteus Consulting offers a collegial coaching approach to helping the healthcare industry. They do this by aiding business partners who handle protected health information (PHI) to keep patient data secure, avoid PHI breaches, and understand their risks and compliance obligations. Essentially, Proteus is a HIPAA consulting company. 
At the start, Proteus Consulting's ideal customer was the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area. Within the first few years, they shifted emphasis to critical access hospitals (CAH), as they normally do not have staff dedicated and knowledgeable to adequately work a HIPAA program. Since then, they have realized that the best customer is the one who understands what an invested partner looks like and is confident being vulnerable as they learn new skills and information. 
Covid-19 has affected many businesses in many different ways. Davis shares that before Covid they did a great deal of traveling, however since then a lot of their meetings have become virtual.  Second, Proteus’ partner hospitals reduced the number of revenue-generating elective surgeries and many of their mental health clinics transitioned to the telemedicine operating environment.  
As a business owner, it is important to take action. Davis Shares, "The most important thing we did was reflect on the things we can and cannot control. Losing hard-earned sales to this pandemic could have been a gut-punch, but we pivoted to emphasize our ancillary services so that we could continue to provide value to our existing partner-clients when they were unable to do more significant work with us."  
In the business world, we all make mistakes that we learn from. Davis shares that in the beginning, he acted as if sales was a numbers game. They were going door to door trying to get customers and they later found out that it was not the best use of time or money. For Proteus Consulting the best way to find clients is through word-of-mouth referrals. 
What is inspiring Alan: "Two things inspire us today. The first is how much knowledge that we’ve acquired and how this experience helps us relate to our partner clients' needs. The second is that we recently had our work evaluated by the Office of Civil Rights and we passed with flying colors. This is arguably the most validating professional feedback that a HIPAA consultant can earn." 
Alan Davis
(208) 215-5607
A Book recommendation from your Coach:
Sell It Like Serhant
Ryan Serhant was a shy, jobless hand model when he entered the real estate business in 2008 at a time the country was on the verge of economic collapse. Just nine years later, he has emerged as one of the top realtors in the world and an authority on the art of selling. Sell It Like Serhant is a smart, at times hilarious, and always essential playbook to build confidence, generate results, and sell just about anything. You'll find tips like: The Seven Stages of Selling How to Find Your Hook; Negotiating Like A BOSS; How to Be a Time Manager, Not a Time Stealer; and much more!
Facebook - How to Attract the Right Employees
Useful Business Thought of the Week