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Beyond Pink

Mark Waltermire with Dishman Dodge
Donald Sewell with Sewell Scenics Photography

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“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”
– Seth Godin
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Beyond Pink

Beyond Pink is excited to bring their fashion show back to the stage LIVE! They are also incorporating a live-streaming component so that people everywhere will be able to bid on their live auction items. It will be an epic night, mark your calendars for October 9th, 2021!
"We are excited to share some new and exciting changes in the coming months! Co-founder of Beyond Pink, Charlie Brewer is stepping away as Executive Director to focus her energy on cultivating new relationships, working with community partners, orchestrating educational programs and presentations, and spending more time in community outreach. This will help move Beyond Pink to the next level and allow us to help even more women. She will continue sharing her passion for the life-saving technology of Thermography and its ability to detect the early stages of breast disease. Charlie will also mentor and advise our new Executive Director during the transition. Of course, Charlie will always be advocating for breast health and the mission of Beyond Pink.
We Are Pleased To Introduce Our New Executive Director, Jessica Southwick!
Jessica Southwick left Bozeman, Montana, in 2004 to attend Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Self-acclaimed marketing geek, Southwick funneled her interest into public relations, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations in 2008. During her college tenure, she put her interests to good use by interning for the Holy Family Foundation and Sit and Be Fit in Spokane.
She remained in Spokane, planning events in the Inland Northwest for 10 years and ultimately starting an event planning business with a friend. The two managed and grew a successful business for four years, selling it in 2014. Southwick’s close association with family who have survived breast cancer, including her mother, brought her to Beyond Pink in 2016. Passionate about the nonprofit’s mission, she has been an active volunteer for the past five years.
For Southwick, being named Executive Director is a dream come true. She lives in Spokane with her husband Wes and their two dogs, Storm and Lucy."
Welcome, Jessica!
Interview Mark Waltermire with Dishman Dodge

Dishman Dodge was opened in 1962 by Mark’s grandpa. Mark has been a majority owner since his mother – Marty’s passing in 2017. Dishman has always been family-owned, which is unique in the car world! They have 5 departments: service, new sales, used sales, body shop, parts shop. The company is driven by the employees and their longevity of staying in the business. Customers like seeing the same faces when they come back to purchase a second car or when they refer their friends and family to Dishman.
For new cars, Mark shares "our best customers are usually people with middle-high incomes. Men usually gravitate toward purchasing the Dodge Ram trucks and women love our jeeps." For used cars, the purchasing demographic are people who are in their 30s, 50/50 males and females – but the overall target audience is much broader because it includes pretty much anyone that needs a car.
Their overall target audience includes pretty much anyone that needs a car. For used cars, the purchasing demographic are people who are in their 30s. For new cars, their best customers are usually people with middle-high incomes. They have noticed that males usually gravitate toward purchasing the Dodge Ram trucks, and females lean towards purchasing Jeeps.  
For both new and used cars, Covid has created a challenge for obtaining inventory. They have had to find avenues and ways to find the inventory needed for our customers. Also, since people use the internet more and more as a way of finding the cars they want, customers tend to do more online research before coming in. Individuals can pretty much buy the car through our online process, then come in to finish up paperwork and drive it home!
 Dishman Dodge took action in their business by signing up with 3rd party vehicle providers and now have options to buy what is needed from anywhere in the country. For example, there was a dealership on the east coast that had a larger inventory of Ram trucks. There is not as high of a demand for trucks in that area, so when a customer wanted a specific truck, they were able to work out a deal and get that truck to Spokane for them.
Mark has learned more from others about what NOT to do in business. Running a successful business is more about managing employees in a respectful way. He started in the car business in 1985 when being an employee was more about getting specific tasks done. Today, business is more about working together as a team, and being more of a coach than a leader. People are your biggest assets!
What is inspiring Mark: "Continuing the success that my grandpa started and having an opportunity to hand a successful business down to younger family members in the future. Our employees are the reason we are here, so it’s about taking good care of them!"
Mark Waltermire
Interview Donald Sewell with Sewell Scenics Photography

Donald does photography and graphic arts. He originally started Sewell Photography as a hobby business in 1994. He delivers calendars and postcards to local stores, with images of the Pacific Northwest. Donald shared with us that this is a passion and he has been doing it more as a business for the last 10 years, "It's not about making money, but showing people what is seen from my lens."
Donald's ideal clients are businesses that need art for their walls and commercial office applications. He also does craft shows at various schools and the fairgrounds where he can set up a gallery. 
The pandemic affected all businesses. Donald shared that the last in-person showing where he took products to a show was the Custer Fairgrounds show in March 2020. Covid was difficult because Donald couldn’t travel or take products for in-person showings, where he could tell the story behind the photos, then make the sale. 
It is important to take action in your business. Donald realized that his sales were lower than he expected. Because of this, he started using sites like Etsy to increase his revenue. Now he is selling to people from all across the country. Products are available to people nationwide. 
We all learn new things from owning a business. Donald learned early on that it is best to do the leg work on your own. Many will use distributors to get their work out there. Donald went out and did it all by himself went into store offices, met the person in charge of general merchandising, and created relationships with them. It’s good to have a close working relationship with specific decision-makers, with distributors you have to be prepared to wait for payment for several months, and sometimes you still will not make the sales you want. 
Donald Sewell
A Book recommendation from your Coach:
Law of Attraction
This self-help book offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step inspirational program that leads readers through the process of figuring out what they want, why they don't have it yet, and what they need to do to get it and the life they've always desired.
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