Interview with Alayne Schneider and Jessica Johnson
J&S Industries

AC: Tell us about your business.
A&J: We are an e-commerce business that helps on the fulfillment side. We ship, store and package for any products they want to sell online. The other side of our company is a customer service center that provides email, chat, text, phone support, and bank disputes to companies across the country.
AC: Who is your target customer?
A&J: Ecommerce business owners from any business that needs to ship product, or provide customer service.

AC: What has been the greatest impact of covid-19 on your business?
A&J: In the beginning, there were a lot of people stuck at home and online shopping. That helped a lot at first. But then they shut down China – which is where our biggest client is – our business took a big hit. On the customer service dropped dramatically when there was nothing to ship -there were no customers to help on the shipping side of it.

AC: What are one or two actions you have taken to make a difference?
A&J: There wasn’t much we could do because we work for others whose businesses were really suffering because of the pandemic. We tried a bit of marketing through Facebook ads, did a lot of sales and promotions. We signed up with a company whose main focus was customers that were looking for businesses like ours.

AC: What is one mistake you have made along the way that other people can learn from?
A&J: A big mistake we made was thinking that we were golden with what we had. But then companies slow down or went out of business and that really hurt. We also saw a lot of other businesses spend beyond what they made or should have been, so we learned quickly to budget and only spend what we had. We think in a bigger picture and choose wisely about what we spend. Be financially proactive and prepared.

AC: What is inspiring to you today?
A&J: Our kids!! Our schedules are super busy, so it’s great to own a business where we can make our own hours. We make sure our clients have everything they need so that we can each spend more time with our kids!

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Alayne Schneider and Jessica Johnson
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