Interview Kellie Phelan with The Works Seattle

The Works started as a DIY school for adults, offering in-person hands-on classes in Seattle. Paired with their dynamic teaching team, these virtual events are hands-on, interactive, and fun! Now they make DIY kits that we ship to 48 out of 50 states with very comprehensive instructions and how-to videos. Kellie shares that they also operate a retail shop to stock works from local vendors. The Works Seattle creates opportunities for sellers by providing their only retail shop to show their products.
When looking at the target market, everyone is welcome here! Normally, their customers are women between their late 20s to early 40s, who are the decision-makers for their household. They like to learn how to plant a garden or learn something new.
The Works Seattle wanted to create a DIY kit product. It was always an idea in the back of their head but were too busy running day-to-day operations. Covid gave them the time needed to start working on their new product. DIY kits ended up opening a whole new market to them!
It is important to take action in your business. Kellie shares that the very first thing they did during covid was to record classes. along with this, provide videos that led to the development of the products, creating graphic designs for the DIY kit boxes. 
We all learn from challenges in our business. Kellie shared that it is important to have the right about of employees. They brought on more staff during the holidays, but they realized that some of their teachers were overwhelmed.  

What is inspiring Kellie: "Everything we do here! I have the coolest opportunity to work with creative and inspiring people every single day. Also, to see people’s creativity bloom during each of our classes never gets old!!"
Kellie Phelan