Interview with Robyn Reeves
Sasquatch Cleaning Company

AC: Tell us about your business.
RR: I do professional residential house cleaning services in the greater Spokane area. My business is very customizable to what clients’ needs are and very personalized. My tagline is “So clean, you won’t believe it!"

AC: Who is your target customer?
RR: Residential homes and recurring clients are what I specialize in. Many clients are elderly and not able to clean their homes themselves. I also work with bachelors and other people that would prefer to save time.

AC: What has been the greatest impact of covid-19 on your business?
RR: I have been pretty lucky not to be impacted too much by covid. Many clients checked in on me and asked to pay for my services even when I couldn’t go into their homes. They really stepped up and took care of me.

AC: What are one or two actions you have taken to make a difference?
RR: Letting all my clients know that I was willing to help take care of their needs. I allowed customers to hold off on their written agreements for a while until they were able to let me back into their homes.

AC: What is one mistake you have made along the way that other people can learn from?
RR: Not having very clear expectations. It’s good to give clients good expectations about how services are going to be, what is expected of me and them. In the beginning, I didn't give clear expectations and it hurt my business. At first, I was nervous about giving them agreements to sign but clients were happy to sign it, and knowing what to expect really helped!

AC: What is inspiring to you today?
RR: My boys! Even when things are tough and I’m struggling…knowing that someone else is relying on me, I want to give them my best. That inspires me to go out and kick ass.

OFFER: Call me and I will provide a complimentary assessment of your home!
Robyn Reeves
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