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Hannah Rae with Clarity Pilates

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Useful Business Thought of the Week - Setting Goals
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“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”
– Oprah Winfrey
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Coach Ted Schmidt

Meet Coach Ted Schmidt. With his passion for business and his innate entrepreneurial instincts, it’s no surprise that Ted is a natural-born business coach. As a business owner himself for more than 28 years, he has parlayed that knowledge and experience into helping other owners like you have the lifestyle you so deserve. Ted started coaching in 2010, and since that time he has helped a multitude of business owners realize success in more than 90 different industries. These industries have included businesses of all sizes from $20K in revenue to $100 Million. Not only has Ted guided for-profit businesses, but his coaching has also helped non-profit entities, as well as corporate executives, reach their full potential. He will get to know you and your business, and by working WITH you, he will show you how to make your dreams become reality.

Interview Hannah Rae with Clarity Pilates

Clarity Pilates is a virtual Pilates studio with offerings built on a holistic approach to classical Pilates. The word pilates is not trademarked, so legally people can call anything pilates, which is a bummer! The actual system of pilates is that classical is the real deal! All Clarity Pilates's teachers are certified, which essential works for holistic care for your body. They are coming up on their 1st year in business! 
Hannah shares that she loves working with high-powered women, high achievers by nature, and business owners. But also always taking care of everyone else. "If I can help them take one hour of time to take care of themselves that’s great! They should be taking care of themselves first." 
Hannah shares that they have been super blessed considering Covid. They learned to teach online during the first part of covid, and figure out how to adapt. Online really works for their clients and can provide a higher level of service and reach more people. 
It is important to take action as a business owner. Hannah has done this by getting out in the community and meeting people in person. Also, she starting to organize in-person international events, they have one coming up in Milan, Italy during February 2022!!
The best piece of advice Hannah learned early on from the business is "Don’t wait to ask for help, the more support you can get whether it’s daycare or a business coach, the earlier the better. Doesn’t have to be expensive help it’s never too early. It’s really the only way forward". It is important to know that you don't have to work alone. 
What is inspiring Hannah today: "Partner Ian Pecoraro –, who also teaches and is also a chef. He is in the kitchen right now creating amazing food for a private party – whole body nourishment is super inspiriting, senses, physical body, inspired by people treating themselves well."
Hannah Rae

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