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Coach Jim Reincke

Leslie Woodfill with American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland NW

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"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."
-Andy Rooney
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Coach Jim Reincke

Jim brings more than 30 years of successful business development to ActionCOACH Northwest. While he has held leadership and/or guidance positions with familiar companies, one thing has remained constant; his successes are embedded with passion for helping others succeed. Hailing from rural Southern Illinois, Jim has lived in 3 states and traveled to 49 U.S. States, 4 Countries, and 3 Canadian Provinces in pursuit of helping clients and in his ongoing quest of learning and experiencing different cultures. Walt Disney World, Southwest Airlines, GLAMER, City of Omaha, City of Las Vegas, Cities of Salem and Centralia, Illinois, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Marketing Organization, Modern Woodmen of America, SYTA, AATC, GOF, and the Cracker Barrel Corporation are just a few of the national and international organizations who have called on Jim to guide them to new levels of success. Jim’s sense of purpose and drive, are guided by his driving mottos: “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” and, “Honest, intelligent, consistent effort will always be rewarded!”
Interview Leslie Woodfill with American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland NW (ACCOIN)

American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland NW supports children and families as they navigate a cancer diagnosis. ACCOIN was started in 1977 by parents whose children had cancer, then grew into a support system for families across the country. They help them with utility bills, food, and toys for families in the hospital for treatments and surgeries. Through ACCOIN families will be educated on the right resources needed for their children. Leslie shared "When we bring in kits of toiletries, you can see the hope, and the ability to just breathe knowing we are there for them during a difficult time". 
They work with families who have children facing cancer. The families come to sacred heart hospital, which is the hub for treatment in the inland northwest. The money raised here stays to serve the children in our area.
Due to the pandemic, the number of donations that are coming in have been limited. Along with this, the ability to volunteer has been limited because programs have become remote. As a positive, it has given them a chance to work more closely with families and hospitals to figure out what they can do to make a difference. One of the things that came up was to bring in portable chargers since they can’t charge phones in rooms. Many times parents aren’t prepared for long stays when their child comes into the emergency room but then they could end up staying for 3 weeks. 
ACCOIN is taking action by working on fundraising opportunities. On September 25th is their virtual auction - providing people the opportunity to get involved with silent auction items, purchase a virtual table where desserts will be delivered and you can invite closest friends to your home.  Here's the Link:
Leslie shared with us what she has learned from working with a non-profit "The idea of we can do it all, all the time. That you need to remember you need to continually reach out for help especially in non-profit. Volunteers, people in the community, not a stand-alone event. You’ve got to remember there are other people who love what you do and want to participate."
What is inspiring Leslie: "These families and kids! They are so inspiring! You look at these little kids that are so tiny all the way to 18yo. Just to see their courage and perseverance, even when they’re not feeling good. they still have a spark in their eye that they are kids – they are asking for help and looking to us to provide what they need."
Leslie Woodfill

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For those in retailing and marketing, Why We Buy is a remarkably fresh guide, offering creative and insightful tips on how to adapt to the changing customer. For the general public, Why We Buy is a funny and sometimes disconcerting look at our favorite pastime.
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