Interview Randy Anderson with Cold Brew Consulting

Randy Anderson has been in the coffee business for 21 years and started a company called eco-brew 10 years ago which is a small appliance that goes into your Keurig. Anderson sold that company five years ago and before selling eco-brew, he had already started a cold brew consulting company. Anderson provides leadership, problem-solving, experience, and expertise for nearly every segment of commercial cold brew production - from advanced brewing methods to packaging to ultra-high concentration methods.
Anderson's ideal customers are those who are interested in advancing their cold brew quality, better ways to extract, efficiency, and economical extraction.
Anderson shares that the biggest impact from covid is the foodservice side by far. Cans have taken over. During this time many places have found it easier to serve cold brew in a can rather than on tap. 
Taking action is one way to elevate your business. Anderson took action by helping and showing customers what to do if they wanted their cold brew on tap. He created BaginBox which is a way for individuals to take their cold brew on the go!
We all learn from working in a business. Anderson shared, "If you partner with someone, make sure you have a plan B, C, D, and E! Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket."

What is inspiring Randy Anderson: "Helping people- People that say to themselves, how much money does it take to start a business in cold brew? You can do things that will help you start small - maybe in your garage, then grow! I have helped a lot of people in the cold brew coffee industry and don’t charge a lot while helping them start out." 

Randy Anderson
(360) 524-2003