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Jennifer Ferrero with Ferrero Agency

Scott Cook with Ambrosia Bistro
Jessy Humann with Clavis Publishing 

Facebook - How to Attract the Right Employee - Seminar
Useful Business Thought of the Week - Reopening your Business
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"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear"
-George Addair
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Seminar - July
How to Attract the Right Employee!
When: July 29, 2021
Where: SHBA Building
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Time:12PM - 1:30PM
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Spotlight Part 1
Spotlighting individuals that work with and alongside us!

Jennifer Ferrero
Ferrero Agency

What is the most inspiring part of your job? It is very diverse and interesting. One day I am writing for publication, the next I am training a group of business owners or working with owners on their marketing plans. At this point in my career, I have done about everything in the communications and marketing realm, and I enjoy taking on projects that make sense to me.
What is the driving force behind your business? Storytelling.
What have you learned from your industry? It is competitive and highly diverse. There is a place for independent consultants like me to work with businesses and help others.
Interview Scott Cook with Ambrosia Bistro

Ambrosia Bistro has been in business since 2006. They are classified as a new American restaurant which means they can do anything menu-wise. Because of this, they put together south American, Asian, and other influences. Ambrosia Bistro's variety of food makes them a very unique and fun restaurant. 
Ambrosia Bistro's ideal target market would be customers that aren’t afraid to try something new. They cater to everyone but have a wine focus at the restaurant. During lunch, they target the business client who wants to make connections with other business owners, talk about deals without all the background noise.
The Pandemic caused challenges for many businesses. The biggest impact for Ambrosia Bistro has been the ability to help keep employees working, to give them the hours they need. 
It is important to take action in your business. Ambrosia Bistro took action by cutting back on the menu. This helped them to promote more of their popular food choices and let go of the others. 
Many things can be learned from owning a business. Ambrosia Bistro discovered how important marketing is. Starting out they assumed that because they had an open sign that people would just walk in. Due to this, the first year was a bit more challenging. Now they focus a great deal more on marketing. 
What is inspiring Scott: Growing up in the restaurant business for most of his life. He enjoyed walking into the dining room seeing
people laughing and having a good time. 

Scott Cook
Interview Jessy Humann with Clavis Publishing 

Jessy has been a freelancing writer for two years and recently started writing children's books. Her first book was titled, "What’s Today For?", and comes out this Fall! Her second book is "I Could Be A Million Things", and comes out next year.
Jessy's ideal customers are kids, teachers, educators, and parents.
Jessy shares that she has been lucky when dealing with Covid-19; "hasn’t impacted me too much. I’ve had a little less work but feel grateful to still be able to do what I love."
It is important to take action to benefit future outcomes.  Jessy is always thinking about what she wants her future to look like. "I try to take actions that will help me create that future. Maybe that means writing more often, doing visualization, or networking. Even if I try something and it doesn’t work out, at least I’ve learned something along the way."  
We all make mistakes that can cause challenges along the way. 
Jessy shares with us, "I think one of my biggest mistakes has always been and will continue to be, not believing in myself enough. We’re all capable of doing and being so much more than we think." This is true for many of us. Sometimes reaching your goals can be a real challenge, and it is always important to believe in yourself!
This fall when Jessy's first book comes out she will be setting up readings at schools, libraries, and bookstores, so stay tuned for that! 
What is inspiring Jessy: "I find human potential to be endlessly inspiring. I love seeing what other people are creating and doing with their lives. When I think about all of the amazing businesses, programs, pieces of art, amazing food, and other things people create, I feel inspired to keep creating in my own unique way." 
Jessy Humann 
A Book recommendation from your Coach:
Choose Your Happy
As a follow-up to the popular book "Life is Grand. Bring it on!", the thoughts, inspirations, and quotes contained inside this cover were originally posted and time tested on my social network "wall." They served as reminders that not every day is peachy keen, but it's how we decide to handle our 'off' days that will ultimately decide the likelihood of our personal success; our success in the everlasting pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and relationships.
Facebook - How to Attract the Right Employees
Useful Business Thought of the Week