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Feature article
 Rivercreek Wellness
Owner: Dr. Julie George
This week we are focused on one of our clients, Dr. Julie George
Alright, let’s get stated, Tell me a bit about your business. "I am a small, concierge style naturopath clinic, focused on chronic conditions. I see people who have exhausted traditional medicines, and are looking for a less traditional route. I look at medical problems through an environmental scope and how your surroundings can make you sick."

Okay, great, how long have you been in business?  "Since 2009; did a name change when I moved to Spokane, December 2016."

Oh, wow, who do you serve, really, who is your best customer, we call it target audience: "Usually people that aren't getting answers from conventional medicine; they have prolonged symptoms, and are seeking a new approach. Usually women in their 40s; but in the last six months I have seen more men in the practice. More men are realizing chronic conditions and they are experiencing toxic exposures at work."

COVID 19 has impacted a lot of businesses in 2020, how have you moved beyond it? "We have expanded to telemedicine and are seeing new patients from the comfort of their home, it is now the norm."

What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working: "I bring a lot more testing to Spokane Valley than other providers and more research to the area.

I also do a lot of personal development and growth; this helps my patient base because I can share new techniques with them."

What mistakes did you make along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience?  "My biggest mistake early on was to trust companies before doing research - especially in purchasing services. In the beginning I tried to do everything on my own; in some cases following older business models. Developing a line of mentors made a difference."

Perfect, last question, tell me what is most inspiring to you today: "I get inspired by a lot of podcasts and listening to everyone's excitement about what they are doing in the world. New ideas, and continuous learning helps me to be a better doctor, person, and mother."
521 N Argonne Rd, Ste B105,
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Offer:  She offers telemedicine inside of Washington, which allows her to prescribe medication and is more comprehensive. She offers telehealth, outside of Washington, which is more of a coaching style in working with patients.

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