Suite 250 Expansion is Now Open!

To Our Patients and Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that after 6 months of effort, our expansion suite, #250 across the hall, is now open! Suite 250 is across and up the hall about 15-20 steps, just past #260, on the left. This new suite has a large waiting room, two bathrooms, many exam rooms and is fully staffed for patient care.
Please note our new system for checkin:
  1. ALL PATIENTS will come to our main entrance and check in with our “Greeter”. She will direct you to the correct location for your appointment.
  2. Dr. Mitri is now seeing patients in Suite 250.
  3. Ultrasound with Grace and Nicole is now in Suite 250.
  4. Non-stress tests are still in Suite 255, our main suite.
Recently, the media have reported an increase in the number of COVID positive cases in the country, and also in Los Angeles. In response to this, on June 1st, Huntington Hospital sent an e-mail to the medical staff. They have raised their Visitor Restriction level from Green to Yellow.

Yellow Level means:
  1. All Hospital visitors are required to wear a KN95 mask for the entirety of their visit.
  2. If visitors remove their masks or refuse to wear a mask, the visitor is no longer allowed to remain on campus.
  3. Visitors are still required to show proof of vaccination (no booster required) or proof of a negative COVID test within the prior 48 hours of their visit.
  4. Cloth masks are not allowed on campus.

Maternity and Labor and Delivery:
Family Birth Center (Labor and Delivery):
  • One birth partner and one labor support person.
  • Birth partner and support person may not leave the hospital during the labor and birth process.

Mother Baby Unit (Maternity):
  • After the two-hour recovery period, the patient, newborn and birth partner will be transferred to the Mother Baby Unit.
  • Birth partner may stay at all times and may come and go, as needed.
  • One unique visitor per day during hospital visitation hours.

Perinatal High-Risk Unit:
  • One healthy support person may stay overnight. 
  • One unique visitor per day during hospital visiting hours.
  1. Everyone must wear a mask at all times in the office.
  2. Please bring masks as we are NOT able to provide masks for everyone who comes to the office without one.
  3. NST's (non-stress tests) are in a shared room so we still have to continue to restrict visitors (except when needed for support or assistance).
  4. For all other appointments, ONE visitor (one adult or one child) is allowed.
  5. We are NOT asking patients or visitors if they are vaccinated.
  6. Safety requirements include mandatory mask-wearing for patients, visitors and staff; use of hand sanitizers; waiting room spacing (using our text message system); and others.
“We’re Pleased to Re-Introduce Ourselves as Huntington Health, an Affiliate of Cedars-Sinai. This name change reflects the fact that we’re more than just trusted hospital care. From primary care to emergency care — and everything in between — we offer a full spectrum of care options to help keep you healthy.

"And thanks to our new affiliation with Cedars-Sinai, we now have access to additional resources that further strengthen our ability to provide you with personalized, high-quality care, close to home.”