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The elections of 2022 are going to be very important for the citizens of Sarasota County. CONA is non-partisan and has refrained from political endorsements in recent years, however, given the recognition of the importance of the elections of this year, we are pleased to be able to endorse Lourdes Ramirez, who is running for a seat as county commissioner. Lourdes served on our board of directors for decades and eventually, served as our president during 2012-2014. She was recognized as our citizen of the year in 2014. Lourdes has never ceased to continue her work in support of the community.

Another former president of CONA, Bill Zoller, recognized the contributions of Lourdes Ramirez to the community in his endorsement on June 25, 2022:

I have worked with Lourdes for decades in the fight to keep growth under some semblance of control, and to make it pay for the infrastructure that it demands. Having Lourdes on the County Commission would be a watershed moment in these efforts!
— Bill Zoller, Sarasota2050pic

Sharing the same confidence in Lourdes and her dedication to the community, I am glad to be able to endorse her and to encourage your support of her candidacy in this election. If you have not had personal contact with Lourdes, please learn more about her at Her skills and concern for the community will greatly benefit all in the county. Remember that contributions to her campaign are not limited to the district. She will serve the entire county—so all members of the county should help her win her race and display their support.

Kafi Benz, president, Sarasota County Council Of Neighborhood Associations, Inc.

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