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"Gary Regan, an expert on drinks, explores the cocktail with recipes, classic and new, and shows how easy it is to experiment." -- Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

"It's hard to imagine a 150-page book devoted to a single cocktail -- until you realize how many stories there are to tell about the Negroni. . . Regan is just the man to tell these stories." -- Chicago Tribune

"A former bartender and prolific author, Regan has uncovered a wealth of lore surrounding the Negroni, and has assempled a collection of historical recipes that explore the identity of the drink through its many permutations." -- Wine & Spirits

Each time and in every volume, gaz has captured the ever-changing styles and tastes found not only in well-known drinking havens such as USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He's also tracked emerging cocktail cultures in places like Norway, Hong Kong, Romania, the Philippines, Greece, Slovakia, Japan, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Panama, and Bahrain. gaz regan's 101 Best New Cocktails, Volume IV continues this veteran bartender-author's legacy of presenting the current pulse of what the world's bartenders are crafting for their growing global audiences of admirers.

This is the official app for gaz regan's 101 Best New Cocktails, a growing almanac of compelling new ideas in mixed drinks from bartenders around the world. Begun in 2011, the collection has grown to over 370 recipes and continues to expand with free updates, delivered over-the-wire to this app every few weeks.

Martin's Index of Cocktails and Mixed Drinks App is a unique and immensely practical reference to the drink recipes of the first "golden age" of the American Bar (1850s until Prohibition) and onwards.

PDT Cocktails is the authoritative archive of the famed New York City bar, replete with both house creations and numerous fine-tuned classics that have graced PDT's menu since the bar's opening in 2007. Beyond that, it is the most comprehensive digital reference for contemporary cocktails available today.

Beachbum Berry's Total Tiki is the definitive reference for classic and contemporary exotic mixed drinks on your iPad or iPhone.

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