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sheep 2013
sheep jones "exeter" 24"x 24"oil on panel
sheep jones: new works
sheep headshotThere's still time left to see this incredible exhibit! Sheep has brought us paintings full of  wanderlust and sparks of sheer delight. Here's a quick interview with Sheep and hope you can make it out before the 28th!  

What inspires you? 
Driving through the back roads of inland Maine one can find many forms of dilapidated sheds and shacks. Many of these find their way into my paintings. I also get inspired by the books and movies that I am exposed to.

What are three words that best describe your work?  
Narrative, layered, & organic

What do you see looking around your studio?
books, ists, paints, brushes, jars, 10 to 20 paintings on the wall in progress, lamps, stuffed birds, brayers, chalk, tools....

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist? 
Keeping things fresh and different.....keeping paintings hidden in closets for upcoming shows.....

What is the first thing you do when you start a painting?  
Ask myself what story is this painting trying to tell.....which helps with the title.

6th- 28th

last week of the exhibit

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toys frankie slaughter
frankie slaughter "toys" 9"x10" gouache on paper
frankie slaughter: unravel
Frankie's exploration into creating work fluidly has reached a monumental apex. Ceramic & Paper Sculptures, Encaustic Collage Work, Drawings, Gouache, and even a Video Installation all embody the threads of her life in this autobiographical exhibit.
frankie slaughter headshot

It is one of the most ambitious exhibits we've ever hosted. Frankie connects us to the source of her creativity and for patrons who love her one of a kind jackets, "Unravel" invites you to pull the thread and see where it leads. 

4th- 23rd

opening reception on the 4th, 6-9pm
sponsored by Connor's Heroes

Please click the Previews link above if you would like an exclusive look at Frankie's  Upcoming Exhibit ! Images will be available very soon...   

"I should've quit long ago but that would've proved so many people right." ~ steven s. walker

steven walker 2013
steven walker "thoughts and therapy" 24"x24" oil on canvas
product or service benefits.
steven walker: the first 35



As a pirate looks at 40, so does Steven Walker look

steven walker headshot

back on his 35 years and how that has informed him as a professional artist. Walker's strength lies in his majestic skylines, pastoral landscapes and the ability to swing from loose impressionistic paintings to tight photo realistic work.  



Technically advanced beyond his years, Steven has had a much storied career with national commission work, numerous corporate collections, a VMFA travelling exhibit and recent accolades from the Oil Painters of America. 




stanley rayfield: glory to god
joshua barber: city

rayfield 2013
stanley rayfield"the last shall be first" 18" x 24" oil on panel
Stanley Rayfield unabashedly gives thanks to God in this exhibit as his faith carried him through the loss of his father in 2012. His faith has also guided stanley's direction, purpose and inspiration with this body of work. It is with a full heart Stanley presents "Glory to God." These paintings are inspired directly from bible passages and contain everything from autobiographical still lifes to more metaphorical imagery. 
joshua barber 2013
 joshua barber "detail of Jerusalem" mixed media
Joshua Barber (Son of famed Nautical Painter John Barber) presents, "city"; paintings of Jerusalem inspired after a trip Joshua took and found himself mesmerized by the energy the city had to offer. Where Jerusalem is a mecca of many religions, Joshua found it to be spiritually chaotic and beautiful all the same. A video installation will be a part of this very inspiration exhibit.
1st- 30th

opening reception on the 6th, 6-9pm
sponsored by Connor's Heroes

Click the Previews link above if you would like to see images of Steven's exhibit. 

6th- 28th

opening reception on the 6th, 6-9pm
sponsored by Connor's Heroes

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