Winter 2020 Newsletter
Commuter Fringe Benefit Law; Census 2020; Toward Zero Deaths; Anti-Idling Campaigns; Information Outreach
New Jersey Commuter Fringe Benefit Law Goes into Effect March 1
Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a bill into law requiring New Jersey employers of at least
20 employees to offer a pre-tax transportation fringe benefit to employees beginning March 1,

Employees may set aside up to $265 per month of pre-tax wages, which can be used for mass
transit commuting costs (bus/rail), vanpooling lease costs, and parking. Employees could save
up to $900/year by not paying federal income tax on that salary.

goHunterdon to Assist with Hunterdon "Complete Count" Efforts
Nearly $23 billion in federal funding for New Jersey depends on Census counts, including
Medicaid, hospital funding, Title I school funding, child care, student loans, school meals, and
highway and transportation funding.

Toward Zero Deaths: NJ Strategic Highway Safety Plan Development
goHunterdon is participating in the development of the New Jersey 2020 Strategic Highway
Safety Plan (SHSP), a statewide, coordinated safety plan that provides a comprehensive
framework for reducing highway fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads under state,
county or local jurisdiction. 

Idling Focus of Winter Walks to School
Colder weather can present challenges to students who normally walk to school. For parents, it can be tempting to just drive or pick up their student.

goHunterdon is coordinating “Winter Walks” this month for students in Hunterdon’s walkable school districts to reinforce the physical and environmental benefits of walking over being driven to or picked up from school.

Become an Information Outreach Partner
Would your residents, employees, customers, patients, visitors, or students benefit from having
access to transportation information? Why not become an Information Outreach Partner with

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