February 2019

Each year Riverside and San Bernardino County commuters consume more than 30 million gallons of gas and individually spend an average of more than 60 hours in traffic. IE Commuter has launched the Try Transit campaign in an effort to help reduce consumption and time spent in traffic.

The Try Transit campaign aims to build awareness of transit agencies in the region and highlight select routes ideal for daily commuting. Messaging to the commuter will be comprised of two phrases: “New Year, New Commute” encourages trying transit as a resolution for 2019 while “Enjoy the Ride” focuses on the lifestyle benefits of riding transit such as stress reduction and a more relaxing commute.
In order to switch traffic to the new south side of the bridge, adjustments are necessary to elevate Barton Road to connect to the new height of the bridge. Crews will need to close the southbound access to La Crosse Avenue from Barton Road for ten consecutive days beginning Monday, February 11, to execute this operation. Read more to see the Special Closure Notice.
New Members Appointed to Taxpayer Oversight Committee
The Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee (ITOC) provides citizen review to ensure that all Measure I funds are spent by the San Bernardino County Transportation in accordance with provision of the Expenditure Plan and Ordinance No. 04-01.  The committee is made up of five members representing different disciplines and sectors of the community, but offering an expertise related to the type of work performed by the agency.

At the February Board of Directors meeting, the SBCTA Board took action to name two new members to the ITOC – Mr. Gerry Newcombe and Mr. Rick Gomez. Both will begin their new role immediately and will continue through 2020 and 2022, respectively.
SBCTA has officially launched SB Loop (the Loop) Vanpooling program this week. SB Loop provides up to a $400 subsidy each month towards the cost of a vanpool lease for vanpools commuting to SBCTA’s Service Area (San Bernardino Valley, the San Bernardino Mountain Communities, the Colorado River Basin and the Morongo Valley of San Bernardino County). By driving your car less, you'll be saving on gas and maintenance – not to mention wear and tear on you, and your car. Visit the SB Loop website for additional information.
The SBCTA Board approved a construction contract with C.A. Rasmussen, Inc. to widen US-395 between SR-18 (Palmdale Road) and Chamberlaine Way from two lanes to four lanes, and install turn lanes and signals at various intersections within the project limits.
Redlands Passenger Rail Project Outreach Team at A Run Through Redlands Event
The Downtown Redlands station will be just a short warmup jog from the starting line for the Run Through Redlands.

Join our outreach team on Sunday, March 3, 2019 to discuss the latest news and progress of the project.
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President's Day
February 18, 2019
SBCTA Offices Closed
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April 18-19, 2019
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