January 2022
Board and Committee Meetings Going Virtual for 30 Days
Following the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, the SBCTA Board voted to conduct its public meetings virtually for the next 30 days. This includes all remaining Committee Meetings for January and the Board Meeting in February. At the February Board Meeting, the Board will reassess if it will extend the timeframe in which the meetings are being held virtually or if it returns to an in-person format.

As a reminder, all meeting information can be found on SBCTA website under Meetings & Agendas. Audio recording of the meeting is also made available 24 hours after it is held.
Back in May 2017, the I-10 Corridor Project (Express Lanes) received environmental clearance from the Los Angeles County Line to Ford Street in Redlands. The first ten miles of the Project are currently under construction as Contract 1, and are scheduled to open in 2023. Recently developed cost updates in 2021 confirmed the need for phasing, and on October 6, 2021, the SBCTA Board of Directors (Board) directed staff to explore a single express lane strategy for the next segment on the I-10 Corridor Project to be consistent with the State’s Guideline Principles for Transportation Investment.
The SBCTA Board of Directors received a presentation at their January 2022 meeting regarding a plan to refund sales tax bonds and refinance at a more advantageous interest rate. In March 2012, the Board authorized the issuance of sales tax revenue bonds in order to expedite projects identified in the Cajon Pass, Valley and Mountain/Desert Expenditure Plans. The 2012 Series A bonds were issued for nearly $92 million, of which approximately $74 million currently remains outstanding. The bond issuance contained a call provision that allows SBCTA to call and refinance the remaining bonds on or after March 1, 2022.
Everyone rides for free on February 4th! Every bus, every train, everywhere in San Bernardino County.

In honor of Transit Equity Day, the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority is sponsoring free bus and train fares for everyone boarding San Bernardino County transit providers within the county.

Transit Equity Day offers a day off from paying fares for regular transit users and gives the transit-curious a no-charge chance to explore transportation options.
On January 5th, 2022, the SBCTA Board of Directors conducted a public hearing and unanimously approved an update to the fees associated with electric vehicle charging stations. The agency owns and operates fourteen charging stations, nine located at the Santa Fe Depot and five stations at the San Bernardino Transit Center.
Starting as early as January 20, 2022, crews will construct a 2.5-mile temporary crossover lane on EB SR 210 between Base Line and San Bernardino Avenue. This is necessary for crews to shift traffic to the other side of the center median to begin pavement rehabilitation activities on the existing EB roadway.
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