November 2022

Arrow Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

SBCTA in collaboration with Metrolink hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, October 21st at the historic Santa Fe station, currently known as the Redlands – Downtown Station for the Redlands Passenger Rail Project, also known as Arrow. The project has been more than a decade in the making, featuring new tracks, enhanced street crossings, Quiet Zones, and five stations along the 9-mile route between downtown San Bernardino and downtown Redlands.

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FRA Approves Arrow Quiet Zone Pending 21-Day Notice

The long-anticipated start of Arrow (a nine-mile extension of Metrolink service along the San Bernardino Line that connects Redlands to the San Bernardino Transit Center via Tier 4 Diesel Multiple Units) launched on October 24th.

The effort to establish this new service was developed, designed and constructed to include Quiet Zones throughout the nine-mile corridor. Quiet Zones are rail corridors that have gone through various levels of enhancements to remove the routine sounding of warning horns by the engineers of the train. While engineers retain the responsibility to use the warning devices when warranted, the removal of the routine sounding of the horns offers a quality of life benefit for those who live and work near the rail line.

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North 1st Ave Bridge in Barstow

For almost a century, the North First Avenue Bridge has served as a critical lifeline for the surrounding community. It serves as the main thoroughfare to essential services such as schools and hospitals as well as Fort Irwin. Located in rural Barstow and built in 1930, the bridge has been deemed structurally deficient and functionally obsolete with its antiquated design creating safety and access concerns for motorists and pedestrians alike.

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State of the Airport

SBCTA was proud to support Ontario International Airport (ONT) at its State of the Airport event on November 1st, celebrating the aviation gateway’s sixth anniversary under local ownership. More than 400 guest attended the event, which showcased ONT’s impressive expansion of flights, destinations and customer amenities, its emergence as one of the Top 10 cargo airports in North America and its role as an economic driver across the Inland Empire and Southern California.

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OmniConnect Shuttle Services

One of the barriers to residents of San Bernardino County using rail transit is that first mile/last mile connection between the Metrolink line and destinations throughout the county. The addition of a direct connection from Metrolink to primary destinations will help bridge the gap to commuters being automobile dependent. Omnitrans recently launched two new shuttle services in our region, SB Connect and ONT Connect.

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Mountain Transit Holiday Schedule

Mountain Transit’s holiday schedule for Big Bear and Rim areas has changed as of July 2022.

Please visit for more information on bus schedule for the upcoming holidays.

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