Get Involved: Join a Chamber Committee
Did you make a new year's resolution to...
  • Give back to your community
  • Make new friends
  • Expand your territory
  • Learn new things
  • Invest in personal development
  • Develop your leadership skills, or
  • Impact the day-to-day quality of life within our great city

The Chamber has a variety of committees in place that help promote and sustain the economic vitality of the community. This is your opportunity to truly get involved and help shape the future of the community where you live, work and play.

The Chamber gives you a seat at the table to engage with community leaders, learn from your peers and gain visibility with potential customers. Committee involvement is a very effective way to establish yourself as a community leader and create lasting connections with other business leaders while working towards common goals.

To join a Chamber committee you must be a Kearney Chamber member in good standing and have filled out the Committee Preference Form below. Please contact Stacie Bratcher at (816) 628-4229 if you have any questions.

  • Ambassadors – Ambassadors perform a wide variety of duties in the Chamber, but their main function is to help promote the Chamber, welcome new Members to the Chamber, and make Chamber events successful and enjoyable for everyone. (Meets monthly.)
  • Jewelee Cox, Jeff Fort, Debbie Holt, Tina Rankin, Bob Tate, Brian Watts

  • Finance & Budget - The role of the Finance & Budget Committee is to provide financial oversight for the organization. The committee is responsible for recommending to the Board financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission and strategic goals of the Chamber, as well as monitoring internal control and risk management activities. The committee also reviews financial performance against its strategic goals and budget. (Meets monthly.)
  • Shawn Barber, Pam Crow, Jason Hoyt, Jeff Morrison, Bree Switzer

  • Marketing - The Marketing Committee develops strategies that encourage consumer involvement and investment in the organization's mission and five Pillars of Purpose. This committee creates and reviews proposed marketing strategies and works with the staff to see them through to completion. (Meets monthly.)
  • Shawn Barber, Jennifer Grossl, Debbie Holt, Tina Hoover, Stan Kienast, Amanda Lubinski, Josen Ruiseco, Gerri Spencer, Brian Watts

  • Nonprofit Forum - The Kearney Chamber invites our 501c3 members to join the Chamber Nonprofit Forum with the purpose of collaborating, asking questions, sharing advice and resources, and networking so our local nonprofit organizations can more effectively achieve their missions. (Meets the last Monday of every other month. Locations vary.)
  • Jeana Blakemore, Kurt Hamilton, Marlo Howard, Julia Kuhn, Jim Leuschke, Shaney Othic, Shawna Searcy, Gerri Spencer, Baylee Thorne, Suzanne Witthar

  • Nominating - The purpose of this committee is to recruit the best-qualified candidates to serve on the chamber board of directors and present a slate of nominees to the general membership at the May Luncheon. (Meets as needed March-May.)
  • (2020) Pam Crow, Debbie Holt, Shaney Othic, Tina Rankin

  • Scholarship - The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on the awarding of two $500 scholarships to qualified Kearney High School seniors. (meets as needed the month of April.)
  • (2020) Siouxsan Eisen, Jason Hoyt, Gerri Spencer

  • By-Laws Review - The committee reviews the organizational bylaws to see if any changes are necessary. Committee members commonly research the bylaws of other nonprofit organizations in the area as well as organizations that do the same type of work. The committee prepares a detailed list of proposed amendments and presents to the board of directors the recommendation that no changes be made or the list of proposed amendments for approval. (Meets as needed.)
  • Jennifer Grossl, Bree Switzer, Brian Watts

  • Board of Directors - The Kearney Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Kearney business community and the most influential business advocacy organization in the area. By advancing a proactive agenda, we are the leading resource on issues that impact our local business community. As the governing body of the Kearney Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors plays an important role in setting policies for corporate management and oversight for the Chamber. Members of the board represent large and small businesses from Kearney, Missouri who believe that the business community must lead the way in improving both Kearney’s and Missouri’s long-term business climate. (Meets monthly.)
  • Gerri Spencer, Jennifer Grossl, Brian Watts, Jason Hoyt, Heather Billings, Jewelee Cox, Siouxsan Eisen, Jeff Fort, Dan Lechner, Jeff Morrison, Adam Mustoe
Have an idea for another committee? Let us know.
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