Winter 2021 Newsletter
Parking Gate Systems Moving Toward Contactless
When you think of your experiences with paid for parking, you’re likely to envision a booth with an attendant inside that collects cash or credit card and you are on your way.

COVID-19 is changing the way we think about things that we touch or hold in our everyday experiences. We've become accustomed to sanitizing our hands after we share things and a typical parking transaction sometimes involves sharing a parking ticket, cash and/or receipts, as well as touching buttons.
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Customer Spotlight

i2 Security Solutions recently implemented a complete security system for the CubeSmart in Fishtown. The newly constructed five story self-storage facility is located in the heart of new residential development and should be a great addition to the neighborhood.

i2 Security implemented a complete video surveillance system that included over 50 indoor and outdoor cameras. The building is secured for CubeSmart clients with an access control system that accepts client credentials to gain access at an overhead door for vehicle entrance as well as interior doors and 2 elevators. 
The Water Cooler
i2 Security welcomes Phil and Drew to our company
Phil LaPlaca - Phil came to i2 Security from the telecom/Data industry, where he worked for 15 years. He joined our installations team late last year and he’s excited to learn our products and grow with i2 Security! 

When Phil isn't working he enjoys spending time with his family and doing work around the house.
Drew Donnon - Drew joined our company in January and brings over 15 years experience in the security systems field. In addition to holding certifications with some of our industry's leading manufacturers, Drew began his career as an electrician working in the buildings trade

When Drew isn't working, he's spending time with his newborn twins and family.
Tips and Trends
Simple Gate Operator Maintenance That Can Save You Downtime and Money

A couple of quick and easy self-check points can extend equipment life and help you to avoid a service call:

  1. Check the bolts used to mount the gate arm/boom to the flange (pic above). Make sure none are missing and that they are tight and not rusted.
  2. Check mounting hardware used on a swing gate drive arm where it connects to the fence gate and the drive chain. Also check brackets that connect to the slide fence section to make sure that none are loose, missing, or damaged.

Often hardware is found to be finger tight or missing completely when service technicians are called out for a non-related problem. Any missing or damaged parts can always be ordered from i2 Security Solutions and our service technicians will happily replace these parts when needed. We also sell preventative maintenance agreements where these and other critical components are checked on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
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